DIY Homemade Motorized CCTV Camera

DIY Homemade Motorized CCTV Camera

Simple fixed CCTV Camera converted in to movable, The idea was Ch nabeel and presented by Habbab Idress..


CCTv Camera normal visual range is limited, large area need more camera to cover. Motorized camera is also available in Market but its to expansive. In this Project we make Homemade Motorized CCTV Camera by simple technique


  1. CCTV Camera
  2. Gear Motor 220V
  3. 2 Screw
Gear Motor pictures


cctv camera moving motor

cctv camera moving motor

cctv camera moving motor


Its construction is very simple we use 220 v gear motor which is using in wall fan and table fan and available in any electrical shop. The important thing is in this motor is low RPM and auto movement in clockwise and anticlockwise. Attached this motor on old dead battery (use as base) and attached the cctv camera on motor shaft with the help of clump.

For Complete step by step construction can be seen in video tutorial (this video tutorial in Urdu)

Watch Video


How to make Motorized CCTV Camera

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