Experiment with Hydrogen and oxygen

Fun science experiment with  hydrogen and oxygen to produce water


dry battery (1.5V), hydrogen peroxide, water  tank, PET bottle (4), straw (4), dilute hydrochloric acid or diluted sulphuric acid, electric igniter and plastic bag with zipper


Four PET bottles that make the cap the hole and pass the straw are prepared. The manganese dioxide and the hydrogen peroxide are put in one PET bottle, and oxygen is collected in one PET bottle by the water substitution.

The zinc plate and the dilute hydrochloric acid are put in another PET bottle, hydrogen is collected in the PET bottle by the water substitution. Oxygen and hydrogen are quietly put into the plastic bag with the zipper. The igniter is inserted in the plastic bag.



It is confirmed that water is produced after it explodes in the plastic bag.


If only hydrogen is into the plastic bag and is ignited, what will happen?


Surroundings of the straw close with the zipper well so that the gas should not leak. The explosion becomes big if a lot of oxygen and hydrogen are put, and the bag breaks out. Because the produced water changed into steam, the gas putting in the bag should be a proper quantity.

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