Turning Ordinary Glass Surfaces into Solar by MSU. A Michigan State University research team has developed a transparent solar panel capable of capturing solar energy.  Professor Richard Lunt, MSU assistant professor who headed the research, believes that the panel can be employed in a wide variety of settings.

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First Ever- Human-powered ornithopter test flight

There have been several attempts throughout history of humans attempting to fly like a bird, under their own power. Leonardo da Vinci is frequently credited with creating the first design for a human-powered ornithopter in 1485.[4][5] Since that time, many people have tried to make human-powered flight like a bird happen.

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Robert Wood, a National Geographic 2014 Emerging Explorer and award-winning engineer, is invented a Robotic Bees. This Robotic Bees is very small and fly like a honey bee.

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Amazing invention Sound Extinguish Fire:The fire extinguisher uses low-frequency sound waves to douse a blaze. Engineering seniors Viet Tran and Seth Robertson now hold a preliminary patent application for their potentially revolutionizing device

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See successful flight of a human-powered helicopter

A human-powered helicopter (HPH) is a helicopter powered solely by one or more persons carried on board. As in other human-powered aircraft, the power is usually generated by pedalling. It remains a considerable engineering challenge to obtain both the power-to-weight ratio and rotor efficiency required to sustain a helicopter in flight.

source:npr.org Read more about human-powered helicopter www.npr.org/2012/10/14/160670295/flight-club-human-powered-helicopter

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Watch Google delivery drone video, Australian farmers receive an airdrop of a first aid kit and other items, from a drone that's part of the company's new Project Wing. Google's advanced-research lab said it is developing a system of drones to deliver goods with its Project Wing prototype

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The "first man-made biological leaf" could enable humans to colonise space RCA graduate Julian Melchiorri says the synthetic biological leaf he developed, which absorbs water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen just like a plant, could enable long-distance space travel.


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