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Friday, 18 October 2013 15:58

Experiment with Photosynthesis Video

Very simple and low cost no cost experiment of Photosynthesis, Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy, normally from the sun, into chemical energy that can be used to fuel. This video showing how student can understand the concepts of photosynthesis.

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Monday, 17 March 2014 02:05

Extraction of dna from onion

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Friday, 18 October 2013 15:38

Paper Chromatography Experiment Video

paper chromatography experiment video it is a technique for separating and identifying mixtures that are or can be coloured, especially pigments, in this video students can do with the help of teacher or parents. video also available on youtube. Paper Chromatography BIOLOGY EXPERIMENT | Pakistan Science Club | - YouTube

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Friday, 18 October 2013 16:41

Make Your own Lung Model

Lung Model. Model of Lung Action Using Balloons this is biology science fair projects This science fair project explains the process of how the lungs expand and contract with the help of the diaphragm and understand the mechanism of breathing through constructing a lung model and be able to answer the question. read more about lung model construction Visit: http://www.paksc.org/pk/science-experiments/biology-experiments/542-simple-lung-model  

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