Hundreds of free and most popular Science experiment videos, these experiments videos produced by Pakistan Science club studio and some videos from other resources.

Mostly people believe that glass doesn't conduct electricity. But insulating glass becomes a conductor of electricity when heated with a…
Experiment! How to Decrease Temperature at -30° C in Few Seconds at Home, In this Temperature Decrease at -39° C
Chemistry experiment video Evaporation of alcohol in plastic bag.when ho water is poured on the bag containing alcohol, it is…
Video:How to make your own An Ocean In A Bottle this experiment show why oil and water cannot mix together.…
How To Make An Electromagnet How It Work And Uses In Urdu An electromagnet is a type of magnet in…
Osmosis , Biology Experiment Video tutorial produced by NISTE ,JICA Pakistan, In this experiment boiled and normal potato used for…
Video tutorial of Extraction Of DNA this experiment can be a good science fair project for grade 7 to 12…




The activity focuses on the fundamentals of optics and light, its properties and phenomenon to develop an understanding of reflection Read More
Hydraulic lift

Hydraulic lift

The target of the activity is to decipher the basic concepts of pressure, simple machines and hydraulics. The project is Read More


This project emphasizes to describe about the various properties of light, optical illusion, refraction and image formation. It is an Read More
Bridge Building

Bridge Building

The activity develops the concept of load distribution through effective design and structure of the bridge. A team of students Read More
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