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Science Camp 15 activity project video rubber band wind powered vehicles made by Abu bakar and Rubaid.
In Pakistan science club's science and technology summer camp 2015 has many Fun-Filled, Students learn about catapults, including the science…
User Submitted Video: Simple Polarity reversing switch by Abdul Ahad Shahid This is a polarity reversing switch. There are four…
Math Game Project - Property of Union Experiment Physics - (Video) This science experiment video has been created by science…
Team PSC Wins sky surfing competition see 2014 Habab's rubber band glider wins Sky Surfing Competition @ SEE14' Pakistan Science…
 Yasir and Muaaz BridgeTesting. Bridge was hold aproxmatly16 KG and got 2nd position
Science exploration camp (TechBonanza) studenta learn and design bridges in 1st week of summer camp here is the team intro…


Hydraulic lift

Hydraulic lift

The target of the activity is to decipher the basic concepts of pressure, simple machines and hydraulics. The project is Read More
Bridge Building

Bridge Building

The activity develops the concept of load distribution through effective design and structure of the bridge. A team of students Read More
Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine

Introduction The activity addresses the fundamentals of renewable energy, its types, importance, uses and applications in various aspects of life. Read More
Air Powered Car

Air Powered Car

Introduction Balloon Air Powered Car The activity entitled as Balloon/Air powered car enables the students to learn about energy, its Read More
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