The Fictional Perpetual Motion Machine. Does it Exist?

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A wheel that spins forever,a bird that never quenches its thirst,a clock that never stops ticking, an endless source of free energy. These are but the dreams of inventors striving to make perpetual motion machines, machines that can work forever without any energy input. Are these machines possible without violating the laws of physics? No.

Such machines do not exist no mater how much we wish they did. In fact they would violate one or more of these 3 basic laws of physics.

  1. In any isolated system, one cannot create new energy (first law of thermodynamics)
  2. The output power of heat engines is always smaller than the input heating power. The rest of the energy is removed as heat at ambient temperature. The efficiency (this is the produced power divided by the input heating power) has a maximum, given by the Carnot efficiency. It is always lower than one.
  3. The efficiency of real heat engines is even lower than the Carnot efficiency due to irreversible processes.

Perpetual Motion & Free Energy, Myth or Reality?

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  • Comment Link M.X.VARUGHESE Friday, 12 August 2016 20:52 posted by M.X.VARUGHESE

    This is 100%possible. I have solid drawing. I don't know why I make late to implement perpetual motion machine.

  • Comment Link khawar Wednesday, 30 December 2015 02:09 posted by khawar

    I claim regeneration of mechanical energy and I insist it to be analysed.

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