The first ever Image of Light Behaving As Both A Wave and A Particle

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Finally, Scientists Capture The First-Ever Image Of Light Behaving As Both A Wave And A Particle

Light behaves both as a particle and as a wave. Since the days of Einstein, scientists have been trying to directly observe both of these aspects of light at the same time. Now, scientists at EPFL have succeeded in capturing the first-ever snapshot of this dual behavior.


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  • Comment Link raymond pinsonneault Tuesday, 11 August 2015 16:45 posted by raymond pinsonneault

    why can't we see more of these wonderful technological breakthroughs on mass media news of North America ..??? I am being told that my comment has been rejected why? and who is responsible for rejecting this perfectly, honest comment ?? I have a feeling that once again we are being purposely kept in ignorance & misinformed by the Main Stream Media sellouts !! shame on you ...

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