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Two taipei girls Monique Hsu and Gina Wang designed a device that can accurately identifies 2 liquids with the differences…
Multirotor Ariel Robotics Contest (MARC) introductory workshop conducted by Suparco, Trainer Rana Waqar sharing his views about session and demonstration.
Grade 8 students invent Smart Baby Cart (News URDU) Students of pak turk school and collage invent smart baby cart…
Robot Chef Could Be A Reality As Soon As 2018 A team of experts in the UK are in the…
Clean water by Germs-killing book pages Dr Teri Dankovich have developed a book page contain nanoparticles of silver or copper,…
Ricardo Azevedo was frustrated with the ever increasing price of gas. So he used his skills as a mechanic and…
 Qazi Tofail and his brother Qazi Sajjad have successfully made an ultralight helicopter. They are belong to Peshawar and also…


Hand Generator

Hand Generator

Introduction Hand Powered Generator Generation of electricity on industrial scale always has been one of the important questions for the Read More


This project emphasizes to describe about the various properties of light, optical illusion, refraction and image formation. It is an Read More
Bridge Building

Bridge Building

The activity develops the concept of load distribution through effective design and structure of the bridge. A team of students Read More
Rubber Powered Glider

Rubber Powered Glider

Rubber band powered glider workshop The project focus is to create an understanding about the basic aerodynamics, simple machines, energy, Read More
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