Short Documentary about Solar Roadways

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The basic building block of what has been dubbed by its creators, electrical engineer Scott Brusaw and his wife Julie, a solar roadway. It could one day make for a highway built of 0.4 –square-meter hexagonal panels, a hodge podge of green circuit boards surrounding 36-watts worth of blue solar panels, all covered in thick, bumpy glass for safety and traction.


The idea is to put unused roadway to good use (generating electricity) while also providing an electronic means for lane shifts, driver messages and other utilities. Bonus: solar roadways obviate the need for an electric grid by including a “Cable Corridor” right in the side of the roadway that eliminates the need for power lines running alongside it. And if outfitted with sensors as well the solar highway could transmit real time traffic data or other information of interest. The novel idea has been around for a few years now, bursting back into prominence this summer thanks to a new crowdfunding campaign to support further research and development that garnered $2.2 million before closing on June 20.

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  • Comment Link Anthony Jones Thursday, 09 April 2015 05:16 posted by Anthony Jones

    Simple I am on board I love this idea and I would love to help in every way possible email me the website and I will contribute to this wonder idea that one day solve the biggest issue in the world.

  • Comment Link Grace Jones Thursday, 09 April 2015 04:18 posted by Grace Jones

    Where can I get the technology? And how do I invest?

  • Comment Link alex burgess Thursday, 09 April 2015 04:08 posted by alex burgess

    Hope this helps -

  • Comment Link Rizkalla mohamed Thursday, 09 April 2015 03:16 posted by Rizkalla mohamed

    Love it and I want it I need more information catalog I want be ur agent and bring it to Canada I am a busnise man and I know how

  • Comment Link ray j Thursday, 09 April 2015 03:10 posted by ray j

    Cool concept. Cost effectiveness? What doug spoke of is reality. Basically What is the cost of each sq ft of thses panels (panel itself, cost to put down, including cost to prepare surface and cost to maintain and replace) compared to equvillant sq ft of asphault and/or concrete. What is the cost of asphault or concrete itself per sq ft? Cost of labor to install per sq ft? Im just going to guess that per sq ft it would cost 100 times more for the the same sq ft of solar panel. So possibly 100 miles of asphault and concrete would cost the same as 1 mile of these panels. I guess the most important question is where is the money going to come from? Would any of you hip to this panel idea be willing to pay 100 times the yearly cost for your car tags to pay for such a project. I paid $68.00 this year, so that would mean in the future years to pay for this project i would need to pay $6800.00 for my car tags in years to come. How many miles of road surfaces do we have and how many years would it take to complete such a project of converting all road ways to this. Hey maybe we could all pay more in property taxes to cover this. Now how many folks are hip to this inovative idea. Just sayin. Cool idea but financially unrealsitic. And realistically it might be less expensive to just start paving our roads with silver and gold. Which brings up another thought. Would people steal these things right off the road way??? More realistic to consider use in parking lots and playgrounds across america.

  • Comment Link Mishane Thursday, 09 April 2015 03:09 posted by Mishane

    Ok cool idea ... but what happens to the people with epileptic seizures and not to mention that it would literally stop the moving market for breaking the roads and building it thus losing a ton of money for several weeks or even months, i don't know if the world is actually ready to stop consuming money and to start saving there home planet until its to late !

  • Comment Link Kai Thursday, 09 April 2015 02:55 posted by Kai

    Doug - Quick "back of the envelope" math - Jobs created installing thousands and thousands of these. Jobs created manufacturing these. Jobs created in research and development making these more efficient. Jobs created in recycling due to increased demand.With big plants making these, the cost of manufacturing could go down exponentially - think 20$ versus 200$. Jobs sustained in maintenance of this. Result? -Billions into a suffering economy. Not to mention the possibility, even at 10%-20% efficiency that you spout as fact without source, that the US potentially becomes an exporter of energy, rather than the "Rome" of the world leeching off all it's neighbors. Long term, this could be the solution to alot of problems - even if the initial cost is hefty.

  • Comment Link kim Thursday, 09 April 2015 02:51 posted by kim

    This is so very cool. Would love to invest in this. Is there a website?

  • Comment Link Ricardo Buarque Thursday, 09 April 2015 02:28 posted by Ricardo Buarque

    It is grateful to see that I am not the only person interested in technology willing to provide a better future for the planet.
    I reckon that this is an expensive project, that requires massive investments to succed, but I guarantee that I will do my best to apply for this cause and collaborate with the creators to deploy this innovation at the market.
    I am a Brazillian student preparing to apply to universities and this project enhanced my will to study abroad.

  • Comment Link Steve Thursday, 09 April 2015 02:23 posted by Steve

    Absolutely Awesome. I need to know prices and availability. I've been looking at installing solar panels but this would be so much better.

  • Comment Link Gregory Arnold Thursday, 09 April 2015 02:21 posted by Gregory Arnold

    I would be all for having this as my massive driveway area and sidewalk. Love it!!!

  • Comment Link norm Thursday, 09 April 2015 02:21 posted by norm

    I would like to see this but I bet it would be toll roads that would fund these roads

  • Comment Link cal Castiglione Thursday, 09 April 2015 02:05 posted by cal Castiglione

    I've been thinking of going solar ,Utilities Company's Keep Raising Rates and My Home Is all Electric this Would save Me Lots Of Money..

  • Comment Link keith mcculloch Thursday, 09 April 2015 01:58 posted by keith mcculloch

    I live In Canada and LOVE THIS....I will happily accept this at my place in my driveway....simply awesome

  • Comment Link Jessica Thursday, 09 April 2015 01:31 posted by Jessica

    Yo Mr. Doug ramble on and on, your argument is invalid! you speak about costs and what not, hmmmm... I ask you this, How are the roads and streets maintained today and cleaned? I'm sure all of the maintenance and replacement costs for these types of roads would be close in amount to the costs being spent on asphalt and concrete, which by the way does not give anything back which makes them ZERO PERCENT efficient. I think many would prefer SOME efficiency that could help the environment instead of NONE that destroys it.

  • Comment Link Ian Montgomery Thursday, 09 April 2015 01:08 posted by Ian Montgomery

    I live in Southern Baja,more sun than can be described. I'm be very interested in working with to bring this to Mexico.
    Ian Montgomery.

  • Comment Link Chris Thursday, 09 April 2015 01:05 posted by Chris

    Would Love to see this Australia. It would be great.

  • Comment Link Ruth Thursday, 09 April 2015 00:14 posted by Ruth

    I caught the short piece about being able to channel water. Figure out a way to use these to get water from flooding areas to drought areas like California and I bet you will get a whole other group of people interested!!!! I think this is an amazing idea!!!!

  • Comment Link Tom Duncan Thursday, 09 April 2015 00:08 posted by Tom Duncan

    What happens at night in Canada?
    The melted snow will turn into ice?

  • Comment Link Russell Wednesday, 08 April 2015 23:59 posted by Russell

    how do i get involved in this i would love to to use this on my driveway to hep play my power billbl

  • Comment Link Joy Carte Wednesday, 08 April 2015 23:44 posted by Joy Carte

    Would like to know if these glass panels can be placed over existing asphalt roadways?

  • Comment Link Tricia Wednesday, 08 April 2015 23:00 posted by Tricia

    You can stick it in my driveway ;-) I'll volunteer as a prototype location!

  • Comment Link Catherine J Picker Wednesday, 08 April 2015 22:41 posted by Catherine J Picker

    I would also like to know the cost of having a driveway. I do not live up north so I have other questions. Can I use the energy for my home? I live in Florida and have a large driveway that gets full sun for the better part of the day. How hot does the surface get? I have several grandchildren who come over often and play ball on my driveway. These are questions I would like answers to. It would be awesome to make different courts for them and light shows for us when we are having a party! This is so cool!

  • Comment Link Sandy Evans Wednesday, 08 April 2015 22:35 posted by Sandy Evans

    Sounds like a great idea maybe it could work to power solar vehicles some day! I remember my brother when he was a little boy saying that he thought cars in the future should work like the matchbox track cars and have an electronic sensor that when taken on the road would just go where they were supposed to go just by telling them where you wanted to go. Never know something like this road way my be our future along with these cars!
    Amazing people can develop amazing things and others can add to their inventions and along the way help solve pollution problems and reuse the stuff that is thrown away! Way to go!

  • Comment Link Matt Shreve Wednesday, 08 April 2015 22:34 posted by Matt Shreve

    I agree, I think that Driveways are a more immediate market for this tech. Get some guiding lights to help you park your car accurately, Roll up the garage door, start appliances inside.. The possibilities are endless.

  • Comment Link connie lawson Wednesday, 08 April 2015 22:31 posted by connie lawson

    Where can I invest in this company?

  • Comment Link Daniel Chumbley Wednesday, 08 April 2015 22:16 posted by Daniel Chumbley

    I live in Kansas and love this idea. Were do I get more info. Or investment options?

  • Comment Link Raphael Soares Wednesday, 08 April 2015 21:58 posted by Raphael Soares

    It's tempered glass, bro. Not regular glass. They only warm up when they are needed to, with sensors to know when they need to or not. THEY'RE MADE SO THEY CAN WARM UP. It's not regular glass, and they won't heat up to 200ºF so they can freaking melt the car tires.

  • Comment Link Matthew meyer Wednesday, 08 April 2015 21:56 posted by Matthew meyer

    have too say I'm with just about every one else here..... whats the cost i would actsally put this on my land I have a driveway that's about 2 acers that I was going to redo if I put these in it would kill two birds with one stone as I'm plaining on buy more panels to add to my land..... not sure if it'll do any good but my email is would love to hear the facts on these.... energy out put cost how the power's stored you know the normal stuff.

  • Comment Link Kimberly Shrader Wednesday, 08 April 2015 21:30 posted by Kimberly Shrader

    I Believe in you whole heartedly. Thank you for trying to save the world.

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