DIY Do-it yourself projects homemade gadgets , tools & instruments Video Tutorial

DIY Do-it yourself projects videos about homemade gadgets , tools, instruments, devices, appliances ,etc which are so expansive can be made by your own by learn from this channel.

Lear how to make paper sculptures from Peter Dahmen. German paper engineer Peter Dahmen showcases six of his astonishing handmade…
Physics experiment video: Build your own simple Battery Holder in low cast
Make your own Battery Holder
DIY Permanent Magnet Alternator Generator testing video. This wind turbine alternator made from Ceiling fan induction motor. see also. HOW…
Make your own DIY Wifi Signal Booster Antenna
DIY Smartphone Digital Microscope. Turn Your Smartphone Into a Digital Microscope! With magnification capable of up to 375 times the…
Steam powered electric generator by Ibrahim Shah. This is simple homemade Steam powered electric generator run on biogas