Abdul Rauf

Abdul Rauf

Motor Propeller car Introduction

An exciting hands-on activity to explore the basic vehicle design and its construction. Also, participants will learn how to use air pressure to move their car.

Topics Learned

  • Basic vehicle design and its components
  • Energy and its conversion
  • Air pressure and its applications


  • Measurements and making of the vehicle
  • Basic circuit making
  • Team building and coordination

Video tutorial:



How to make air propeller car | STEAM science project


After the overwhelming response from the parents and children for PSC first Online Family Science Summer Camp, PSC is announcing it’s second Summer camp from April 16 to 25 with new exciting activities and challenges explaining various scientific concepts. These may include (for example)

  1. Bird water feeder
  2. Electromagnet
  3. Bristle bot
  4. Pet
  5. Rubber powered helicopter
  6. 3D hologram
  7. Boomerang
  8. Fruit cell
  9. Lung model
  10. Propeller Car
  11. Straw Rocket

There will be two interesting challenges for participants and winning projects will be featured on PSC official website. On Sundays, PSC will conduct Science Show to make students learn different scientific phenomenon with fun.

Material list for each activity except challenges (you can use the stuff of your choice for it). E-Certificates will be issued after the camp (as per family) after the completion of all projects.

Material List.

  1. 2 PET plastic bottles
  2. drip pipe (IV Set)
  3. 1 Plastic plate
  4. Rope 
  5. Small nuts and bolt
  6. Iron Nail
  7. Copper Wire
  8. Battery Cell
  9. Tape
  10. 6 Disposable cups
  11. Large rubber bands
  12. DC Motor
  13. Straws
  14. Paper clips
  15. beads
  16. A4 transparent plastic sheet
  17. Scotch tape 
  18. Cardboard
  19. copper wire or copper coin
  20. Iron nail
  21. Connecting wires
  22. Pencils 
  23. hard paper
  24. Popsicle sticks

You can also buy inventor box kit from sciencestore.pk


Here is the list of required tools and equipment
  1. Knife cuter
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. Ruler
  4. Scissor
  5. Scruw driver
  6. Nose plier
  7. Soldering iron
  8. Cutting mat
  9. Safety goggles

 Buy online Tool kits for DIY Science Projects

Pakistan science club conducted an amazing fun science show at CAP Carnival here are few glimpses 

Pakistan science club conducted 2 days fun science show and hands-on science workshop with the collaboration of ECOSF and PAMS at Pakistan National Arts Council (PNCA) for the students and other aspirants interested in science.

The show held at the place on the sidelines of 5th edition of Pakistan Mother Languages Literature Festival while the other sponsors of the show included Pak Alliance for Maths and Science and Indus Cultural Forum.

Magic Of Science show was an entertaining activity that will include many simple scientific tricks to decipher the basic laws and theories of various scientific phenomenon such as inertia, pressure, light, sound, force and gravity.

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