New Invention That's Cleaning The Ocean

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Two Australians have invented something similar to an automated pool cleaner -- but for marinas, harbours, ports and even inland waters like rivers and lakes -- that sucks up garbage, while filtering out the water. They're calling it the Seabin, and it recently was successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo. Check out how it works:

SeaBin: Cleaning The Ocean One Marina At A Time

SeaBin: Cleaning The Ocean One Marina At A Time

Posted by Knowledge TV on Saturday, 2 January 2016


The inventor Pete ceglinski & Andrew Turton of seabin said: majority of my childhood was all lies within the water there's nothing worse than being out there surrounded by plastic. I was a product designer and my job was  to make plastic products in after a while I realize that we didn't know the stuff that I was making and so I stopped.

I meet Andrew and he told me about his his project and I just clicked for me the project was amazing we should have a better time at the beach because we're not swimming in plastic pollution. anymore a better because the fish healthier arenas ports in your clubs is the perfect place for the seabin there's no massive ocean storms it's a controlled environment.

Seabin captures everything floating in the water plastic bottles paper oil and  detergent 24 hours a day 7 days away 365 days a year. Another good thing with the location of the same in is that people can say what we're catching their swimming in it's been a big change in a life to quit our jobs taken all their money with heart and souls into making this happen. One of our goals is to make the save in from Aaron plastics to create another  save to capture more the domino effect  the second goal is to create a world where we don't need the savings. Imagine we have a pollution-free ocean for future generations

 Watch Sebin Project in action


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