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Video category about alternative energy related to green energies like solar, wind, hydro power bioenergy Biomass or biogas Geothermal energy ocean energy.

Eco-Friendly Weight-Lifting Machine is a futuristic sustainable idea in which a user will generate electricity during workouts.
The Most Efficient Wind Turbine Design by Professor Yuji Ohya, (Kyushu University) this wind power system called the wind-lens turbine…
Innovative vertical axis wind turbine (schultes habelt wind turbine) animation and fabrication
Wind Turbine Trees generating electricity wind tree is made up of steel trunk and mini turbine plastic leaves and it…
Solar Thermal Power Systems with Heat Storage. In this animated video you will see how all of the components that…
Spherical solar powered electric generator This video is an introduction to Rawlemon Solar Energy Generator. Spherical transparent glass increased and…
Some brilliant Ideas to Capture the Ocean's Energy The world's ocean waves hold as much as 10 trillion watts, and…


Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine

Introduction The activity addresses the fundamentals of renewable energy, its types, importance, uses and applications in various aspects of life. Read More


The activity focuses on the fundamentals of optics and light, its properties and phenomenon to develop an understanding of reflection Read More
Tall Tower

Tall Tower

Tall Tower Introduction The Tall Tower activity explores the design of tall structures and focus on the understanding of construction Read More
Hydraulic lift

Hydraulic lift

The target of the activity is to decipher the basic concepts of pressure, simple machines and hydraulics. The project is Read More
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