Red leaves flower by Faiza

I have never seen such a wonderful flower in my life I took picture last year

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Green Insect by Maryam Javed

Category: Nature

Look at the bark of a redwood, and you see moss. If you peer beneath the bits and pieces of the moss, you'll see toads, small insects, a whole host of life that prospers in that miniature environment. A lumberman will look at a forest and see so many board feet of lumber. I see a living city.
Sylvia Earle

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Thunder & Lightning by Saad Anees

A view from my rooftop here in Islamabad.

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Lulusar Lake by Uzair Aziz

Lulusar Lake in Naran

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The Mangal Community by Shayan Ahmad Siddiqui

The Mangal Community is the natural hatchery for sea creatures. Besides this, it serves as natural barrier against natural calamities like high tidal waves and tsunami.Click at Beach Luxury Hotel. Karachi.

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Tranquility by Rehan Jamil

Serene Beauty of Arabian Gulf at Dusk

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Sunset in GIKI by Muhammad Sami Haider

Title: Sunset in GIKI
Category: Scientific phenomena
Description: Rayleigh scattering- greater scattering of blue and violet radiations coming from sun in atmosphere (mainly by Nitrogen and Oxygen) due to greater distance covered by sunlight during sunset/sunrise. Only longer wavelength i.e red light is more observed at sunset/sunrise.

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