Sunset in GIKI by Muhammad Sami Haider

Title: Sunset in GIKI
Category: Scientific phenomena
Description: Rayleigh scattering- greater scattering of blue and violet radiations coming from sun in atmosphere (mainly by Nitrogen and Oxygen) due to greater distance covered by sunlight during sunset/sunrise. Only longer wavelength i.e red light is more observed at sunset/sunrise.

Photo ID: SPC395

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Dazzling Beams by Munema Zahid

Category: Aeronautic & Space

I was having my afternoon classes in school when I saw the sun glimpsing over a nearby building as it set. It looked very beautiful so I took a photo of it.

 Photo ID: SPC419

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Mountain of Clouds by Bilal Ashraf Khokhar

I was Surprised when i saw the clouds in this behavior.

Category: Aeronautic & Space

Photo ID: SPC400

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Science Photo Contest 2014



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