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Lens flare

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Lens flare by  Sumayya Mehfooz Lens flare by Sumayya Mehfooz

Lens flare by  Sumayya Mehfooz

Category: Scientific phenomena
Lens flare is the light scattered in lens systems caused by internal reflection and scattering from material in the lens.
Many photographers seem to think that lens flare is something you should try and avoid in your photos, that’s why we have lens shades and other pieces of gear to prevent flare in your images. But when you start to get creative with your photography you’ll  find that sometimes using lens flare can actually be an advantage to your image rather than working against it.
A lens flare is deliberately used to invoke a sense of drama. A lens flare is also useful when added to an artificial or modified image composition because it adds a sense of realism, implying that the image is an unedited original photograph of a "real life" scene.

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