School and College Affiliation Program

School and College affiliation program (SCAP) is aimed to facilitate schools / college for enhancing science literacy, to fulfill students’ appetite of curiosity. SCAP also deals with the promotion of science and technology from grass root level till higher secondary level.

Provide Consultancy for establishing School / College Science Club/ STEM Club /Maker Space

We have witnessed a number of societies running in different Schools and Colleges under the headship of their faculty members. Pakistan Science Club provides unique opportunity to students where they feel the sense of ownership and responsibility. Science Club will provide consultancy to students to form and run their STEM Club /Maker Space Science Society or Club. Science Society or Club will be allowed to publish activates on Pakistan Science Club Website. For Karachi based Schools or Colleges, Pakistan Science Club, Pakistan Science Club has a special program where Science Clubs are run under our supervision. (Read more)

Teacher Training program

Teachers’ Program for Hands-on Science (TPHS) demonstrates the application of engineering, science and mathematics concepts by Hands-on Science activities with Schools and College educators.Teachers’ Program for Hands-on Science (TPHS) as a professional development workshop aimed at helping teachers bring exciting hands-on Science activities into their classrooms. (TPHS)  promote applied inquiry-based learning. It enhances the level of technical literacy of School or College educators. It encourages pre-university students to pursue technical careers, including engineering. It increases the general level of scientific literacy of School or College students throughout their educational careers.

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Guidance for Nation and International Science Fair Projects (Google Science Fair, Intel Science Fair etc)

A science fair project is the ultimate answer to the often asked student question: "Why do I need to learn this stuff, anyway?" A science fair project can be self-validating and exciting because it is not just practice. It involves real discovery of little known or even unknown information.

Research and development is one of the major prongs of Pakistan Science Club. We motivate students towards research and development. We provide technical help, brainstorming and guidance to students for their research based projects.

Special Seats allocation for affiliated schools in Summer / Winter Science Camps

Pakistan Science Club believes science learning by doing. Therefore, Pakistan Science Club has been organizing Summer Science Camps and Winter Science Camps since her inception. Our affiliated Schools have been provided with special seats allocation for these science camps.

Assign Special Access on PSC Website, forum and blog

Pakistan Science Club website has been a handy platform for worldwide interaction. It has more than 50k visitors per month. Pakistan Science Club assigns special access to schools and colleges to promote their activities via Pakistan Science Club website, Form and blog.

Educational Coverage for affiliated Schools and Colleges on our Web TV

Promotion of Science and Technology is one of the Major objectives of Pakistan Science Club. Pakistan Science Club runs a web based TV (Knowledge TV). Pakistan Science Club provides media coverage to our affiliated schools via our web based TV for their educational programs i.e. debate or speech competitions etc.

PSC Workshop & Media center usage for affiliated Schools / Colleges

PSC has its very own media center and workshop where we make or research based projects and record our findings throughout our research as evidence and finally we bring up detailed videos covering every step of the project through our media center. PSC offers her media center and workshop usage to students of schools and colleges for their research based projects.

Media Sponsorship for any Science related event

Promotion of Science and technology is one of the important objectives of Pakistan Science Club therefore PSC offers media sponsorship to Schools and colleges to cover their any Science related event i.e. Science Exhibitions, competitions, workshops, seminars, awareness programs etc.

for more information please contact info(at)paksc.org or 02135052989

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