Robotics Classes at School

In an increasingly technological society, it is essential that the classroom is used innovative methodologies that favour the ability of students to face challenges and solve problems in a practical way. In this sense, a few years ago, educational robotics is being proposed as an alternative in the dynamics of the classroom, with the aim of improving the teaching-learning process. It is used to improve students’ cognitive development, enhancing their skills, abilities and skills to solve problems of all kinds. It opens a wide range of learning possibilities through programming.

A class of educational robotics begins with the teacher’s approach to a challenge for students to solve it using teaching materials such as mechanical parts, electronic components and fasteners, which are supported by computer tools to generate programmable prototypes to meet tasks that solve the problem raised in the challenge. The whole process of research, design, design and implementation of the prototype enriches the learning process of the student.

Once we tied up with the school

  • We place all the needed Robotic Materials (School need not invest anything)
  • We supply books
  • We provide teachers (School shall provide its teachers if there is a need for the further slash in pricing)
  • Our Technical head regularly visit the school to check on education quality
  • We regularly review the student’s learning through our Work book
  • Provide Certificates while the end of the year
  • If the School is happy (a sure statement), we tie-up for a further year.
  • Upgrade all the Robotic Materials for the further year.
  • Provide new Syllabus, provide books, handle classes and the process continues…

What school need to provide?

  • Space, Tables and Chairs
  • Time slots/periods to handle classes. Need one period for a class in a week
  • Computers to program the Robots.