The activity focuses on the fundamentals of optics and light, its properties and phenomenon to develop an understanding of reflection its laws and its types. Periscope making also defines the importance of angles in the reflection of light. 

Students will be guided to make a periscope with simple material like cardboard, mirrors and hot glue.

Learning outcomes according to the national curriculum of general science

  • The project will help to understand different properties of light and its various phenomenons.
  • Understanding of reflection, its types, laws and applications in everyday life.
  • Significance and use of angle in the process of reflection. 

Topics learn

• Properties of light
• Reflection
• Optical instruments


• Design and making
• Mathematical measurements
• Teamwork


  • Age: 8-13 years
  • No of students: 30 (maximum) ( In school or Science club)
  • No of students online: 100
  • No limit in online: 45 minutes

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