PSC Driven School STEM Club

The facilitators of Pakistan science club will carry out all the activities in school by themselves with school science club members and students. All activity material, tools and necessary equipment will be provided by Pakistan Science Club.

  • All expenses including project material, tools and equipment and running cost to be borne by Pakistan Science Club.
  • Pakistan science club will be responsible to provide the following:
    • Lesson plans.
    • Activity material
    • Tools and equipment.
    • Workshop training to the group leaders.
    • Video conferencing.
    • Risk assessment to the mentor.
    • Facilitating school’s Science Club’s activates.
  • The facilitators of Pakistan science club will carry out all the activities in school by themselves with the school’s STEM club members and students.

Benefits for Schools


  • Promotion by PSC website, PSC YouTube Channel, Print and Electronic Media.
  • Preparation of inter-school Science Exhibitions and Olympiads (Science Olympiad, National Science Talent Contest).
  • Preparation of Science projects for different science fair competitions like Google science fair, INTEL ISEF etc.
  • Training of teachers for hands-on skills development and inquiry based learning methodology.
  • Science passionate students of the school will be allowed to use PSC lab and workshop for their project making
  • Soft skills development of the students such as idea pitching, presentation skills, confidence building, leadership and team working and report writing skills.

How To Execute

  1. Instructors

Four instructors of PSC will conduct classes from 9am to 1pm fortnightly.

  1.  Class/Activity Duration

Two full day will be given by PSC facilitators from 9am to 01pm and each class / activity duration will be of 75 minutes in which students will not only design their hands-on project but all the theories and concepts behind the activity will be explained to them.

  1. Material

All material either for individual or group project will be provided by Pakistan Science Club.

  1. Tools

All the necessary tools from scissors to drill machine as per required for the project will be provided from PSC side.

  1. Project Manuals

Complete project making manuals will be provided by PSC including material list, tools required, construction steps with pictorial representation to every student before each activity so that they could get complete guidance and instructions.

  1. Risk Assessment

Risk assessment and safety precaution such as safety glasses, gloves etc for each activity will be supplied by PSC.

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