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DIY Science Projects to Do With Your Kids Science for kids. DIY Science Projects doesn’t need special equipment or a PhD. Easy, at-home science experiments can be done right in your own kitchen or yard. Topics are wind turbine, solar panels

solar water heater 0

Make Solar Water Heater

Make Homemade Solar Water Heater, DIY Project with instructions Home made solar water heater is an easy DIY project that uses solar energy for heating water. In winter we generally need warm water for...


Do it yourself DIY Tesla Coil Slayer Exciter

Do it yourself “DIY” Tesla Coil Slayer Exciter Tesla Coil Slayer exciter is an easy step by step DIY project to understand the phenomenon of mutual induction and wireless electricity transfer. In this post...


Wireless electricity transfer project

Wireless electricity transfer In previous project we made (Do it you self . DIY Project. For making of simple wireless transmission of electricity. we used 2N2222 transistor and copper coil. The results of the project...

Marble Stirling engine 0

Make a Simple Marble Stirling engine (video)

Make a Simple Marble Stirling engine Marble Stirling Engines are simple to make and fun to watch. It will teach you a lot of thermodynamic concepts. source: youtube user Ludic Science marble-displacer Stirling engine...

Simple DIY Electric Scissor from CD-ROM 1

DIY Electric Scissor from CD-ROM

Simple Do-it your self (DIY0 Electric Scissor from CD-ROM parts Required Material: A scissor Old CD-ROM 2 inch steal wire 9v Battery Construction: Here is step by step construction of  DIY electric scissor from...


Make a simple gyroscope from CD-ROM

Make a simple Gyroscope from CD-ROM (Do it your self Project (DIY) Gyroscope) What is A gyroscope?  gyroscope is a device for measuring or maintaining orientation, based on the principle of preserving angular momentum....