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Biogas plant construction and installation in Urdu.

Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) develop a video presentation of biogas plant construction/installation in Urdu. Watch Video: See Also Information about Bioas plant, Gobar Gas Plant in Urdu Biogas In Pakistan, Biogas...


Homemade portable Biogas Digester photos

Homemade biogas plant made by Yasmin (sialkot).This biogas plant made from Iron and plastic drum. Here is some photo graph of her digester. Biogas plant in action, biogas burning in stove   Plant fulled...

Mini Biogas Plant Video tutorial

Mini Biogas Plant Video tutorial Build a mini biogas digester with 20 liter water bottle as digester tank it convert animal dung, food and kitchen waste into biogas by the action of anaerobic bacteria...