Frequently asked questions FAQ

Q1: I have registered myself at NSIF’19 website & don’t get any confirmation now what to do?

Ans: After registration wait for 1-2 days we will add you in our whats app group. Then you have to submit your project report and pitch video.

 Q2: What are the last date of project report and pitch video submission?

Ans: Last date for project report and pitch video submission is 10th May

 Q3: What should be included in a pitch video?

Ans: Your Invention/Innovation pitch video should have:

  • Length: 03-05mins
  • Urdu or English narration
  • Introduce yourself
  • Explain the problem and why you choose it
  • Tell viewers the name of your invention
  • Explain how your invention works and why you choose to solve the problem this way

 Q4: Where I have to submit my pitch video?

Ans: Follow the given link to submit your pitch video:  https://forms.gle/s2bTfrVxxNXGwCRW8

 Q5: What is the fee for participation in NSIF’19?

Ans: The fee amount is 1500 pkr.

 Q6: When & where I have to pay a fee?

Ans: NSIF’19 selection committee will shortlist the registered projects to be present in the event. Only shortlisted participants have to pay the fees. NSIF’19 team will provide the account details to shortlist candidates for fee submission.

 Q7: How do I know I am shortlisted?

Ans: Shortlist candidates names will be upload on NSIF’19 website after 30th May.

 Q8: What are the criteria for shortlisting at NSIF’19?

Ans: Any genuine idea or innovative project will be considered for shortlisting.


 Q9: Which type of projects allowed in the event?

Ans: Any project related to the following disciplines is allowed:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Bio-medicine
  3. Physics and Astronomy
  4. Environmental Sciences and Engineering
  5. Chemistry
  6. Computer Sciences and Information Technology
  7. Zoology
  8. Engineering
  9. Botany
  10. Energy Sciences
  11. Microbiology
  12. Behavioural and Social Sciences
  13. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

 Q10: Are group projects allowed?

Ans: No, only individual projects are allowed.(Affiliation with School or College is not necessary. Any teacher, guardian or parent can guide and assist the participant as per their wish but the involvement of any institution is not mandatory).

Q11: When & where will be the workshops?

Ans: Date & locations for the workshops will be announced on whats app group.

Q12: Who can attend the workshops?

Ans: Anyone who is willing can attend the workshops (It is not necessary to register yourself to attend the workshops)

Q13: What is the fee for workshops?

Ans: Workshops are free for registered candidates. Only non-registered candidates have to pay the fee amount of 200 pkr.

Q14: Is it necessary to attend workshops?

Ans: It is not necessary but it is highly recommended for all the registered candidates to attend the workshops as workshops will help to clarify & enhance your idea/invention/innovation.

Q15: Is there any facilities of accommodation and food for the students outside Karachi?

Ans: We are very sorry, due to lack of sponsor we are unable to provide accommodation and food facilities. Participants have to bear his/her own expenses if he/she is willing to come Karachi for participation.

NOTE: No TA/DA will be provided by PSC.