Pakistan Science Club Organises Water Rocket Challenge among school students

 Water rocket making and its competitions are not new concept but it has a long history behind it, no one exactly knows how old the idea is but it can be found in 1898. It is basically an idea to fly, to send something to the sky so we can say that man from very early stage wanted to fly,

Pakistan science club as media partner is officially covering 2nd All Pakistan Computer Science, Engineering, Gaming and Business Competition IBA-PROBATTLE’14 which is going to be held from 20th to 22nd March 2014 where people from different universities explore and show their creativity under one platform to excel their potential and dignify their name.

Water rocket workshop held at Pakistan Science Club on Saturday 15th February 2014. The purpose of workshop was the training of students to build own water rocket  for water Rocket challenge which was organized by PAKSC. Team head Habab Idrees and Shehryar Anwar along with team guided the students from different schools; the workshop activity was live broadcast through Pakistan science club WebTV.

See Photo Gallery water rocket challenge.



 On Saturday 18th of January 2014, a Science Olympiad was organized by the City School at PAF chapter and two team from Pakistan science club participate in two different  category and won. The event was sponsored by the Pakistan Science Club and Nottingham University. Pakistan Science Club was also media partner for the event. Five different competitions were held such as aerodynamic, eulermathecia, investigarl infection, science quidditch, invention in large numbers and mecanno minds. Many teams from different institutions as well as collegiate took part in this brilliant occasion;

PSC Members at PAFFile Photo: Team PakSC at PAF City school 2012

The City School PAF Chapter's science society organizing a science Olympiad named PAF Intellect, Pakistan Science Club is Media partner of PAF Intellect 2014. PAF Intellect platform for young science and programming enthusiasts to compete with the most brilliant minds of the city.

Dr. Riazuddin Pakistan’s famous particle physicist Prof Riazuddin passed away on Monday.


The internationally-renowned scientist was also the founding chairman the Institute of Physics at Quaid-i-Azam University, and continued to head it when it was changed into the varsity’s Physics Department.

Riaz-Uddin was a renowned and prominent Pakistani theoretical physicist and an eminent scientist, specialising in high-energy physics and nuclear physics. Dr. Riazuddin was one of Pakistan's top scientists and is widely known theoretical physicists in Pakistan and abroad. Starting his scientific research in physics in 1958, dr. Riazuddin was one of the senior scientist and considered one of the early pioneers of Pakistan's atomic deterrence development when he was the director of the Theoretical Physics Department of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission from 1974 till 1984. Riazuddin has remained the only pupil of Nobel laureate in Physics Professor Abdus Salam.

Riazuddin was a student of Prof Abdus Salam at Cambridge, who returned to Pakistan along with other young and talented physicists of the Enrico Fermin Institute of the University of Chicago to lay the foundation for particle physics in the country. Riazuddin was also the founder of the International Centre for Theoretical Particle Physics group at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy.

He played a crucial role in Pakistan’s nuclear program in its critical early stages and remained the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission’s board member for science, where he also initiated the International Nathiagali Summer College series that continues till date. He was also the founding Director of the National Centre for Physics in Islamabad.

His death will be mourned by a wide circle of former colleagues and students in Pakistan and abroad.