Water Rocket Challenge 2017 Updates

Pakistan Science Club brings the mega event for all karachiites"Water Rocket Challenge 2017" at "Dream World Resort" on Jan21,2017. This event is a unique opportunity for all Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics lovers of all ages. All Schools, Colleges, Universities and Hobbyists are warmly welcomed.

PSC Announces All Karachi Water Rocket Challenge 2017

PSC Announces All Karachi Water Rocket Challenge 2017

This year for the first time in Pakistan’s history, Pakistan Science Club is bringing the most awaited event in Karachi Pakistan The Water Rocket Challenge 2017 on 21st January 2017 at “Dream World. It is a very healthy and fun filled activity in which Participants will make a rocket by using carbonated bottle and launch it in the air.

 AlifAilaan and Pakistan Science club join hands for a nationwide campaign to promote math and science


In Pakistan, the literacy of science and mathematics is deeply challenged. Most of the students don’t take interest considering it boring. All this results in downward crust and leaving the youth less scientifically literate and takes youth away from research and development culture. The main reason for considering this deploring situation is the way science and mathematics is carried out.
Pakistan Science Club partner with Alifailan has launched a campaign in government schools involving students in science and mathematics (STEM) learning via interactive hands-on method in such a way that it can trigger the lifelong curiosity among students and instigate them to adopt the method to explore.

 Pakistan Science Club as per her tradition organizes 12thSummer Camp as Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Camp 2016. The STEM Summer Camp was a unique blend of Science and technology, engineering and mathematics by involving young souls in interactive and hands-on activities. Where learning, trill, fun and recreation made every day special.

The STEM Summer Camp 2016 was attended by students till K12. The students till K4 were camped as Little Scientists, The students till K7 were camped as Junior Scientists and the students till K12 were camped as Young Scientists.

Pakistan Science club Announces Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM ) Summer Camp 2016

 STEM Summer Camp 2016


Pakistan science club is introducing Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM 2016) camp in summer vacations both in person and online to explore nature and science around for creative and science seeking students. 

We offer different exciting innovative and hands on projects for students from different age groups and classes explaining laws of physics, various principles of engineering i.e. mechanical , electrical, and aeronautical engineering, use of technology and involvement of maths. It will be an amazing experience for students to see the science and logic behind the theories and scientific phenomenon which they have been taught in schools and colleges.

Pakistan Science Club wishes you a very Happy New Year. May this year bring you a lot of cheerfulness, well-being, contentment and accomplishment in life. 2015 had been the year of great achievements for us. It brought biggest success stories for us.


We have organized a good number of Teacher training program, Summer Camps, Activates, We have also organized competitions and training workshops