PSC conducted hands-on activities and Fun Science show at Lok Virsa

The two-day Pakistan Mother Languages Literature Festival was organized in collaboration with Indus Cultural Forum (ICF) and Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) on the theme of “Our Languages Our Identity” at the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage, Lok Virsa. The event featured a variety of cultural activities including discussions on languages, literature and culture, book launches, etc.


On the occasion of the festival, ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), Pakistan Science Club (PSC) and Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) organized Science Fun Mela for children in which PSC carried out Fun Science Magic show and hands-on activities. PSF also setup their Planetarium and Science Bus for children visiting the festival.

Children from all age groups accompanied their parents and friends joined the activity, learnt about various scientific phenomenon. The fascinating and worth learning fun science activities were carried out for half an hour which addressed the basic science concepts of inertia, pressure difference, vacuum effect, breakage of polymer layer due to reaction of acid etc. The activities engaged all including children, parents and teachers in such a manner that they actively participated in it, attempted the tasks, asked questions and tried to explain the reasons behind the various science tricks.

Water Rocket Challenge 2017 held successfuly in Karachi!

Pakistan Science Club has organized the most awaited event in Karachi “The Water Rocket Challenge 2017”. It was a very healthy and fun filled activity in which Participants made rockets by using carbonated bottle and launch it in the air. The activity involved the participants to utilize their hands on skills guided by their learning on science to create a water rocket. It is the most recognized fun science activity in the world which teaches about basic concepts of physics, mathematics and aerodynamics.

The competition was divided into two categories: students from age 12-18 compete for Maximum range competition and the students from age group 18+ for bull’s-eye target using understanding on aerodynamics, projectile motion, relation of force and pressure, wind speed.

Water Rocket Challenge 2017 participant

All the schools of Karachi were invited in this competition, not only this but it was an open challenge for all schools, colleges, universities and hobbyists and was a worth learning, exciting and healthy competition for the participants, teachers and families as well.


Abdul Rauf going to demo Water Rocket in Lahore Science Mela

Pakistan Science Club Exhibited Projects in Lahore Science Mela.

Lahore science mela 2017 held at 28 & 29 of January 2017 at Ali Institute of Education by Lahore University of Management Sciences in collaboration with Khwarizmi Science Society. From all the projects of Science Mela, the concept was the same that science is for all. A large number of science stalls, more than 70 from all over Pakistan were displayed there, some of them were Khwarizmi Science society, WWF Pakistan, UET Lahore, IBA Sukkur community colleges, LUMS, ROBO Kids, Science Fuse, COMSATS, PCSIR and many other.

In between all of them Pakistan Science Club and Dawood Foundation stalls were highlighting from Industrial Karachi. Pakistan Science Club and Dawood Foundation jointly presented the Fun Science Demonstrations and exhibited research based projects there. TDF sponsored for all the activities and PSC on behalf of the Dawood Foundation exhibited the projects at Lahore Science Mela. More than 10,000 people attended the event.

Lahore Science Mela 2017 Photo Gallery

Students with their families visited the stalls and showed their great interest in all of the activities; especially the most fascinating one was the Water Rocket Launching. The awareness documentaries presented by TDF on importance of wild and forest was remarkable and appreciated by all. Two documentaries entitled as Margalla Hills National Park and Chitral Goals National Park was presented in Ali Institute Auditorium. The brief description of the activities and projects displayed at Lahore Science Mela are as under:

There were two stalls adjacent to each other for Pakistan Science Club and TDF. One was for fun science demonstration and the other was for project display. Fun science demonstrations included different activities related to basic science phenomenon. These are briefly described below:

Fun Science Demonstration

Smoke Ring

Kids enjoyed Smoke gun in action

Water Rocket Challenge 2017 Updates

Pakistan Science Club brings the mega event for all karachiites"Water Rocket Challenge 2017" at "Dream World Resort" on Jan21,2017. This event is a unique opportunity for all Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics lovers of all ages. All Schools, Colleges, Universities and Hobbyists are warmly welcomed.

PSC Announces All Karachi Water Rocket Challenge 2017

PSC Announces All Karachi Water Rocket Challenge 2017

This year for the first time in Pakistan’s history, Pakistan Science Club is bringing the most awaited event in Karachi Pakistan The Water Rocket Challenge 2017 on 21st January 2017 at “Dream World. It is a very healthy and fun filled activity in which Participants will make a rocket by using carbonated bottle and launch it in the air.

 AlifAilaan and Pakistan Science club join hands for a nationwide campaign to promote math and science


In Pakistan, the literacy of science and mathematics is deeply challenged. Most of the students don’t take interest considering it boring. All this results in downward crust and leaving the youth less scientifically literate and takes youth away from research and development culture. The main reason for considering this deploring situation is the way science and mathematics is carried out.
Pakistan Science Club partner with Alifailan has launched a campaign in government schools involving students in science and mathematics (STEM) learning via interactive hands-on method in such a way that it can trigger the lifelong curiosity among students and instigate them to adopt the method to explore.