National Science & Innovation Fair 2019 was successfully organized Pakistan Science Club (PSC) in collaboration with by ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), Usman Institute of Technology (UIT), Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) and others. The top three winners of the NSIF’19 will participate in China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest (CASTIC), the biggest science contest of Asia in July 2019. 


Despite having brilliant minds and energetic youth, Pakistan is far behind in the field of science & technology as compare to the modern world. One of the main reasons is not having a proper platform for the young generation to express their talent. Now more than ever, we need our nation’s best and brightest minds to pursue their interest in science and use their capacities to solve various local and global problems. Pakistan Science Club is providing an opportunity to Young scientists for expressing their aptitude in National Science & Innovation Fair 2019.

National Science & Innovation Fair 2019 is an exciting challenge for the students of age 12-20 years to participate and display their novel ideas and projects. Participants from all over the country are invited to present and compete their independent research on various fields of science and technology for the solution of local and global problems.

The top 3 winners of the NSIF’19 will get a chance to participate in China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest (CASTIC), the biggest science contest of Asia in Macao, China from July 20th to 26th, 2019.

National Science and Innovation Fair 2019 is a joint venture of  Pakistan Science Club and ECO Science Foundation along with more than 20 network partners including International Federation of Inventors Associations (IFIA) , Khwarizmi Science Society, Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science, Women Engineering Pakistan, popup learning, Scientia, ilm-oneroon, takhti online IEEE Karachi section, Thar educational alliance NIMIEL TechnologyTimes, National academy of Young scientists NAYS, High Star Science club, Medical microbiology association of Pakistan, studies institution on science and business and many more.


The competition will not only contribute towards the social development of the participants but will also help them to think in a rational way to explore the possibilities for the betterment of society using scientific concepts and innovative approach.


The event will be held in Karachi on 10th June 2019.

Pre-event workshops of NSIF’19 are already started and will be conducted by 10th May 2019.


For registration and complete details visit the PSC website: www.paksc.org/nsif

Last Date of registration is 10th May 2019

Family from Karachi will fly to Silicon Valley to share their idea to solve tooth decay problems by "Cavity crusher", determining a child's oral health using artificial intelligence. The family will  prepare their idea for the first ever AI world championship alongside five other families.

2018 stem camp

STEM Camp Overview

Every year Pakistan Science Club (PSC) organizes STEM Summer Science Camp for children and teens during Summer Vacations as to explore nature is an adventure and the young ones are always very curious about new things around. For such creative minds, Pakistan Science Club has been organizing Science Summer camp form the last 9 years which has been an amazing opportunity for hands-on learning experience and an insight to explore the logic behind scientific phenomenon which have been taught in schools. Students get an opportunity to have a range of experiences from conducting biology experiments to create very own robots.

PSC Founder Abdul Rauf & PAMS partners meet with PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

Pakistan Science Club founder/President Abdul Rauf & PAMS partners meet with Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

Islamabad: “Maths and science are integral to the country’s future, and our current education system is not adequately delivering the skills our children need”, said Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi during a meeting with a team from the Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science (PAMS), which includes practitioners, scientists, and advocates from all over Pakistan on Wednesday. The meeting was requested by PAMS to urge the government to help improve the state of learning in maths and science, in keeping with its responsibility of ensuring that every child receives quality education as per the Article 25-A of the constitution.

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