After successful completion of 5 Online Family STEM Summer camps and overwhelming response countrywide, Pakistan Science Club and ECO Science Foundation are determined to continue providing quality time to young ones and teens. Online Family STEM Summer Camp is a hands-on, fun-learning, and engaging experience for not only students of different age groups but parents will also enjoy them with their children.

This camp categorizes in 2 groups according to age, group 1 age 5 to 8, and group 2 age 9 to 12. Online STEM Camp batch 6 projects for grup1 will be The vibrating robot, Rubber powered gun, Hovercraft/Helicopter, Hydraulic crane, Paper circuit, Electromagnet, Magnetic boat, Air rocket / Straw and Paper Airplanes and for group 2 are, Saltwater battery, Solar oven, Solar lantern, VAWT electricity generator, Water Rocket, HYDRAULIC ELEVATORHydraulic scissors lift, Gliders, Automatic street light 

The starting date of the camp is 12 September 2020. for more details visit https://paksc.org/onlinecamp