Some 400 guests from both china and abroad will take part in the conference, including representatives of 33 science organizations from 26 countries. 

The conference will consist of over 20 activities, including various meetings and an exhibition. 

At its plenary session, a total of 15 preeminent scientists, government officials, science communication experts, media professionals and entrepreneurs will deliver reports and speeches. 

During the Conference, representatives of 19 important S&T organizations from 18 countries attended the roundtable meetings. Under the joint efforts of participants and upon equal consultation and thorough discussion, the Charter of the World Organization for Science Literacy was adopted in principle and it's all agreed that the World Organization for Science Literacy must be founded as soon as possible. All participants signed the "Memorandum of Understanding on the Roundtable Meeting" to provide a "Beijing Action Roadmap"for promoting the founding of the World Organization for Science Literacy. It's also resolved to set up a Preparatory Committee to kick off the follow-up work and to promote the pragmatic bilateral and multilateral cooperation on the science education for teenagers, science museum construction and operation, science communicator fostering, and science literacy evaluation and research.

The Founder and CEO of Pakistan Science Club (PSC) Mr. Abdul Rauf participated in the conference and the roundtable meeting to share there initiatives took in Pakistan regarding science popularization. 

Jules A. Hoffmann, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2011, will be among the keynote speakers the forum plans to invite. 

2019 World Conference on Science Literacy (WCSL) Memorandum of Understanding on the Roundtable Meeting

  1. All participating representatives highly recognize the significance of science popularization and promotion of public science literacy they agreed with the spirit of the world organization for science literacy and collectively expressed support for the creation of the world organization for science literacy
  2. It was decided that a working group should be set up to organize the establishment of the world organization for science literacy which will be composed of the representative designated by the participating organization the world group will be responsible for expediting the establishment of the world organization for science literacy further reviving and improving the statute of the world organization for science literacy confirming strategic plans and protocols preparing for other document necessary for establishment of the organization proposing bilateral and multilateral cooperation projects and website of organization with the aim to facilitate collaborations and communicate among science popularization organization the working meeting of the group will be held before july 2020

  • All participating representatives agreed that cooperative action should be taken in near future to carry out joint projects on science education for teenagers science museum building science communicator training science literacy evaluation and research etc.
  1. As the sponsor of WCSL and the advocator establishment of the world organization for science literacy CAST is willing to host the working group raise the fund and provide the logistic guarantee china research institute for science popularization an affiliation to CAST will act as secretariat of the working group

Participating organization  Roundtable Meeting

  1. National union of Algerian scientist and technologists
  2. Australian science communicators

  3. China association for science and technology

  4. Wissenschaft im dialog Germany  

  5. Association of engineers architects and graduates in technological science in Israel

  6. Federation of association for science and technology Italy

  7. International center of science collaborations Kazakhstan

  8. Academy of science Malaysia

  9. Myanmar engineering council

  10. Norwegian institute of bio economy research

  11. Pakistan council for science and technology

  12. Pakistan science club

  13. Papua new guninea science and technology secretariat

  14. Institution of engineers Rwanda

  15. National science foundation sri lanka

  16. Science discovery Tanzania

  17. Council of science and technology association of Thailand

  18. Union of science and engineering association of Ukraine

  19. Vietnam union of science and technology associations

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