KARACHI -- The Mayet Family from Karachi is one of six finalists participating in the first AI World Championship in Silicon Valley, May 16-19, 2019. The event is the final step in the AI Family Challenge, a program run by global technology and engineering education nonprofit Iridescent for families with children ages 8-15. At the AI World Championship, the family will share their idea for solving tooth decay problems by “cavity crusher” determine a child’s oral health using artificial intelligence (AI). They will be presenting their idea to tech industry experts in Silicon Valley on May 18, 2019.

For the first time ever, Pakistan Science Club, in partnership with Iridescent brings this learning opportunity to Pakistan at two different sites for families. More than 40 families from Karachi participated in an 18-week long program.

Through the AI Family Challenge program, the Mayet family learned about AI as it guided them through the identification of a problem in their community and applied what they learned to develop a solution for it using AI. The family will be sharing their idea alongside five other teams from around the world and will spend a full week in the San Francisco Bay area getting to know the other teams, visiting technology companies, and networking with industry professionals.

 About the Mayet Family

Salman Mayet, Fareeha Mapara and Yasir Salman live in Karachi and their invention name is “Cavity Crusher. “Even though dentists report that proper tooth brushing can help in maintain oral health, an increasing number of children are facing tooth decay problems." Cavity Crusher uses AI to monitor a child’s brushing habits and notifies adults if more time should be spent on the task.

Cavity Crusher’s algorithm uses the time of brushing to determine a child’s oral health habits. If the model determines inadequate toothbrushing, it will notify the parent. Prior to this prototype, the family built a model able to recognize images of toothbrushing. However, they determined more accurate results could be achieved with number data.

About the AI World Championship:

The AI World Championship is the culmination of the AI Family Challenge. In its inaugural year, families from all over the world will come together with technology professionals in Silicon Valley. They will have the chance to meet other families from other countries, visit leading technology companies, and attend workshops and panels to help them develop both technology and professional skills. The event concludes in a presentation, where each family shares their idea with a panel of judges.


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