Lahore Science Mela 2018

Lahore Science Mela 2018 Successfully Concluded Following the tradition of previous year, Lahore Science Mela 2018 held at 27 & 28 of January 2018 at Ali Institute of Education by Lahore University of Management Sciences in collaboration with Khwarizmi Science Society. The event featured temporary science museum showing live exhibits of science from medical to engineering, robotics and architecture.

 Participants from all over the country including various societies and young individuals were invited to exhibit their work, innovation and projects to make visitors understand how interesting science could be and about the importance of having an insight about different scientific phenomenon. Along with participants and exhibitors around Pakistan Khwarizmi Science Society in collaboration of ECO Science Foundation hosted delegates from Isfahan Mathematics house, Iran to inspire and enlighten the theoretical and practical aspects of Mathematics in an entertaining way.

 This year, Pakistan Science Club with the support of ECO Science Foundation and Khwarizmi Science Society participated in the science festival to make children learn about various concepts of physics with fun by introducing exciting games that explained vector and force resolution, earthquake phenomenon, water rocket etc.

 More than 10,000 people belonging to various sectors of life attended the event. Students from all age groups with their families visited the stalls and showed their great interest in all of the activities especially the fascinating games and challenges attract them a lot. One stall was dedicated to Pakistan Science Club to display the interactive fun science games and learning project kit. These are briefly described below:

 Earthquake Simulator

 Earthquake simulation applies a real or simulated vibrational input to a structure that possesses the essential features of a real seismic event. It is generally performed to study the effects of earthquakes and the building's response to an earthquake by putting a model of the structure on a shake-table that simulates the seismic loading.

 PSC designed an earthquake simulator and challenged the students and visitors to create the largest tower by using limited toy block within allocated time so to test their architectural skills. The activity was equally liked by Younger and elder and appreciated as a learning hands-on tool about movement of Earth and earthquake disaster.

 Cheese Board Game

 It was an interesting board game to understand the various physical properties like addition and resolution of forces into its components. The process of moving ball upward by using two ropes deciphers the fundamental concept of balancing force into the Cartesian coordinate system with fun.

 The target was to take the ball to the top central hole without dropping it in any of the holes, the challenge is to balance the ball by using the ropes while making its way to the highest point.

 Water Rocket

 To make and launch a water rocket is an interesting and fun filled activity. Being a model, water and pressurized air are used as fuel and it helps students to understand the effective use of pressure along with the significance of projectile motion and aerodynamic structures.

 More than 10 water rockets were launched by Pakistan Science Club in two days periodically and it was worth to see the excitement of the children.

In a nut shell, the initiative of arranging such Science Mela are really appreciable and there should be more in each and every part of the country so as to make people realize that science could be interesting and it can be learn in an amazing way. Pakistan Science Club is highly thankful to ECO Science Foundation and  Khwarizmi Science Society for their generous help and support, it is really great to have such organizations to work for the common cause of promoting scientific culture in the society.

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