Pakistan Science Club Conducted Science Sessions in Hyderabad

The fascinating, engaging and learning with fun activities were conducted in three public school in Hyderabad consecutively from Tuesday, September 19 to Thursday, September 21. The schools were Govt. Boys Lower Secondary School, Khiabad, GOR Colony, Latifabad, Govt. Girls Lower Secondary School, Gul Shah Abbasia and Govt. Boys Lower Secondary School, Qazi Abid, Hyderabad.

The duration of the event was 3 hours in each school and approximately 700 students from class 4th to 8th along with 30 teachers attended the activities. Two sessions of Fun Science Show were done in each school and the Hands-on projects entitled as Electrolyte battery and Wind mill were made in Govt. Boys Lower Secondary School, Khiabad, GOR Colony, Latifabad, and Govt. Boys Lower Secondary School, Qazi Abid respectively.

Science Activity in Hyderabad

Science Activity in Hyderabad

The event started at 10 am with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by Fun Science Show, each demonstration was of 45 min, the activities included Smoke rings, CO2 and balloon activity, Fire and corn flour, Burst Balloon with lemon, Straw in potato, Elephant Toothpaste, Bernoulli’s principle activity etc. It engaged the students in a fun filled compelling way and deciphers the fundamental concepts of science such as Bernoulli’s principle, pressure difference, vacuum effect, breakage of polymer layer due to reaction of acid, chemical reactions etc. These incorporated the students in an energetic way that they actively participated in it, tried to accept the challenges and answered the questions about it.

Fun Science Show in Hyderabad
Fun Science Show in Hyderabad

20 students of class 8th from GBLS School, GOR Colony, Latifabad made the Electrolyte battery in the group of 5 by using simple material like iron nail, copper wire, salt solution lemon and potato etc. and learn the concepts of electrolyte within naturally occurring substances. It deciphers the idea of generation of small electric current to glow an LED from vegetables and simple material. 45 students of class 7th and 8th from GBLS School, Qazi Abid as the hands-on project made Wind Mill in the group of 3 disposable cups, cardboard and round sticks which helped the students to understand about renewable energy resources, its types and applications. The activities took 30-45 min and was done by all the students with great eagerness, it was a fascinating experience for them to understand the science in a new and interesting way.

Manager Alliances unit Alif Ailaan, Ghulam Hussain Soomro, Head of Curriculum Wing Education & Literacy dept. Government of Sindh Dr. Fauzia Khan, District Education Officer, Safia Amir Arbab, Regional Education Officer, Amina Memon, Principals and teachers of the schools attended the event, appreciated and participated in the activities done there.

District Education Officer, Safia Amir Arbab said about the demonstration,

“Today Pakistan Science Club conducted some experiments of science and explained different things with the help of it which was very interesting and children learnt a lot from it. I really appreciate the way as the student will always remember such things and I appeal to PSC to carry out such activities in the whole district so that more students could get benefit from it”.

Regional Education Officer, Amina Memon expressed her views as,

“I am really very glad to see the smiles of our little children who learnt science in a practical and excited way, these are the simple demonstrations of which they have learnt only in books and will help them in an effective way. I hope that our teachers will also follow it and such activities must be carried out in every school of the district. I am very thankful for all of them to carry out such amazing activity”.

Head master from GBLS School, Qazi Abid said about the event,

“We are thankful to both Alif Ailaan and Pakistan Science Club for conducting such amazing demonstrations from which children learnt and enjoyed a lot. The activities infused the new spirit in students and they seem very interested in doing such things. We learnt about the no cost, low cost material concept and it showed how science can be made interesting in classrooms. We also hope that such activities will be continue in more schools and we will like to be in contact with them to learn more”.

Head master from GBLS School, GOR Colony, Latifabad said,

“Pakistan Science Club has magnified the intensity of science learning among students of our school. Overwhelmed response by students showed that they are keenly interested in science activities. I pay thanks to all team”.