Every year Pakistan Science Club (PSC) organizes Summer Science Camp for children and teens during Summer Vacations as to explore nature is an adventure and the young ones are always very curious about new things around. For such creative minds, Pakistan Science Club has been organizing Science Summer camp form the last 8 years which has been an amazing opportunity for hands-on learning experience and an insight to explore the logic behind scientific phenomenon which have been taught in schools.

Following the practice, this year PSC arranged Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Summer Camp 2017 in June and July at Bahadurabad and Korangi respectively with the collaboration of ECO Science Foundation. Approximately 50 students from grade 2nd to 10th got enrolled in the summer camp in two groups i.e. Curious Scientists Group (Age 6 to 11 years) and Inventors Scientists Group (Age 12 to 16 years). Ten full scholarships were also provided by ECO Science Foundation to the outstanding and dexterous students of both camps.

The duration of class was two hours and each camp last for one month, all weeks were specified with a special theme on the name of pioneer Muslim Scientists and the projects were designed according to the theme. Students made many hands-on projects related to Mechanics, Light, Electronics, Architecture and Energy etc.

The activities were highly supportive in not only developing the hands-on skills but also to explain fundamental concepts, laws and applications in everyday life. Students worked individually and also by forming group that helped them in developing team working skills. Campers with great interest and enthusiasm participated in camp, made the projects and competed with each other. To observe things with new perception and learning science by doing was a remarkable and worth learning experience for them.

Summer Science Camp was organized at two different locations in Karachi i.e. Little Heaven School, Amir Khusrau road, Bahadurabad and at Pakistan Science Club, Korangi, Karachi.

The hands-on projects were designed according to the age group of students. They were divided in two age groups, i.e. Curious Scientists Group (Age 6 to 11 years) and Inventors Scientists Group (Age 12 to 16 years). National Curriculum of General Science 2006 was also followed while selecting the particular activities. The weeks were named after the pioneer Muslim Scientist of that specific field such as Mechanics week was named after Ismail al Jazari week and so on. All the activities and projects were selected according to the theme. Campers made various exciting hands-on projects like scale model of a toy car, Hydraulic lift, kaleidoscope, can car and robotic arm etc. They also designed Straw Tall Tower and Popsicle Bridge in groups, competed with each other by understanding the effect of geometry on construction of large structures.

Certificate Distribution Participation certificates were given to the campers on the last day of Bahadurabad camp in June due to Eid ul Fitr after 2 days. For certificate distribution of participants and volunteers of PSC at Korangi Campus, a small ceremony was arranged at Pakistan Science Club. President ECO Science Foundation, Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro was invited as the Chief Guest and President Visionaries Welfare, Muhammad Zubair was invited as the Special guest. Parents of the campers, Chief Guest, special guests and President PSC shared their views about the Summer Camp and encouraged the students to participate in such activities. The guests were awarded with honorary souvenirs from Team PSC. President PSC, Abdul Rauf presented the shields to the honorable guests.

Team PSC is highly thankful for the generous sponsorship and cooperation of ECO Science Foundation. It was an honor and gratitude that such esteem organization collaborated and joined hands for the positive change and promotion of science in our society through this worth learning, exciting and healthy activity.