Pakistan Science Club participated KPK Summer Science Camp

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary and Secondary Education Department launched a week-long summer camp, along with the theme ‘popular science’, in over two thousand public sector schools across the province. Pakistan Science Club also participated in this one week Summer Science Camp from 7th August to 14th August in KPK with the collaboration of Alif Ailan and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Government of KPK.


A number of energetic and worth learning fun science demonstration were conducted in seven schools of five different districts i.e. D.I Khan, Kohat, Karak, Malakand and Swat. Hands-on activities were also conducted in three schools.

Approximately 650 students from grade 6th till 10th along with 150 teachers attended the activities in 5 different cities which comprises of two parts i.e. fun science show and hands-on project making. Wind mill and Air powered car were the hands-on activities. The event duration was two hours for only fun science demonstrations and three hours with hands-on project making. All the students got engaged in a very energetic way during fun science activities which basically addressed the fundamental concepts of science such as inertia, air pressure, force, surface area, Bernoulli principle, breakage of polymer layer due to reaction of acid, center of gravity, chemical reactions etc.

 KPK Summer Science Camp
KPK Summer Science Camp

Students in Kohat, Malakand and Swat also made Wind mill and Air powered as hands-on projects. The activity took 45 minutes. Students with great excitement and enthusiasm participated in the activity and it was an amazing and worth learning experience for them  

PSC conducted seven activities in five districts, one in each D.I Khan, Kohat, Karak and Swat while three activities were done in Malakand.

The event comprises of two to three hours activities. Two hours activity was organized under the heading Fun Science Demonstration which is an interesting way to explain many fundamental concepts, principles and applications of science. Basic ideas and understandings regarding pressure, inertia, force, surface area, chemical reactions and gravity were being developed in the students in a worth learning manner rather than memorizing them. The demonstrations include many science tricks, some of them were Smoke rings, Bernoulli balls, Balance stick, Elephant Toothpaste and Inertia activities etc.

An hour hands-on science activities were Wind Mill and Air powered Car which helped the students to enhance their hands-on skills by making things by themselves using simple material and learning about concepts of energy and its types. Wind mill helps them to learn about renewable energy resources, conversion of energy from one form to another and aerodynamics. Air powered car on the other hand enables the students to understand about basic vehicle design and the use of air pressure in everyday life.

One of the senior teacher Rabia Dilshad from Govt. Girls High School, D.I Khan expressed her views as,

“It was very interesting and informative. We learnt a lot of simple tricks by using simple household material and other stuff. I think students will like such more activities”.

Senior Science teacher of Comprehensive High School Kohat, Muhammad Saeed Awan appreciated the efforts of PSC and said,

“Pakistan Science Club is playing a pivotal role in the field of science on school level. Activity based training and learning process is really a step towards the development in the field of science”.

Muhammad Saif Ullah, college teacher from Govt. Higher Secondary School, Karak talked about the importance of such activities and emphasized that they must be increased on school level. He said,

“These science activities are very meaning full which improve the science education through very simple ways. These type of activities should be increased on school level”.

Principal Abdul Haleem Govt. Higher Secondary School, Sakhakot, Malakand remarked about the activities as,

“The activities were very interesting, productive and creative. They were according to the level of school students and I really appreciate it”.

Inayat Ullah, Principal Govt. Higher Secondary School, Kalam proliferated the program of PSC and showed his in the activities,

“The program of Pakistan Science Club was very interesting and based on information and awareness regarding science. The experiments were so informative that students as well as I appreciate it very much”.

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