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Pakistan Science club's Summer Camps 2017: Tap Into Unlimited Creative Potential

To explore science and nature around us is an adventure. Children are naturally very curious and eager to know about new things around. For such innovative and aspirant, Pakistan science club is introducing Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM) camp in summer vacations. Almost all students get free in vacations and search for some interactive and recreational activities. STEM Summer camp is providing an amazing opportunity for hands-on learning experience with an insight to explore the logic behind scientific phenomenon which have been taught in schools.

This year, the STEM camp will bring the intellectual and intimate experience with new hallmarks. There will be two groups of students i.e. Curious and Inventors Group and the camp will consist of two modules each comprises of 4 weeks. Robotics will be an elective module after Module I which itself consists of 4 weeks parallel to Module II. Limited seats are available for robotics and the best performers of Module I will have the choice to select either of two in the same fee of module II. Students will make their own robot from the basic wire control to smart phone control and finally make an autonomous version of it. Each week has a special theme on the name of pioneer scientist to the designated field of science and engineering and students will get a theme badge at the end of each week. PSC also announces limited STEM Camp Merit-based Full Scholarships for dexterous and competent students with easy and simple criteria and interview.

 Summer Camps 2017, Tap Into Unlimited Creative Potential

Group Curious will include the children from age 7 to 11 years and the group Inventors incorporates the students from age 12 to 17 years. The students will learn science with enjoyment and fun. The activities related to the specified themes are designed and are highly supportive in not only developing the hands-on skills but also to explain basic concepts, laws and applications of various sciences and engineering fields in everyday life. Students will work individually and also by forming group that will develop team working and leadership skills. The interpretation of the projects will help them to enhance their confidence, presentation and communication capabilities.

Module I will start from May 22 to June 14 and the Module II will start from July 03 to July 28. Duration of each module will be 12 days (3 days per week) and the timing will be from 10 am to 12 pm. The venue of the STEM Summer camp 2017 will be Korangi, DHA and PECHS.

Taking a step ahead of this Pakistan Science Club took an initiative to bring the globe on one platform for the promotion of science, technology, engineering and math. Online summer camp is an excellent opportunity for those who cannot join STEM Summer Camp at Karachi and lives anywhere across Pakistan or in Canada, USA, India, UK etc. Campers can register at for the online camp. They will be provided with the list of the required material for each project. The material must be arranged before the start of camp. Online STEM Summer Camp will be executed by live broadcast from Pakistan Science Club studios that will assist and guide them to make their exciting and worth learning projects.