Pre Event Workshops

Team PSC conducted free workshops in different schools and in Pakistan science club regarding How to make water rocket. These workshops developed basic concepts and understanding in the students regarding science and aerodynamics of the water rocket. It had an amazing impact; students participated and competed in the Water rocket challenge 2017 with great excitement and pleasure. Team PSC conducted 8 physical workshops in different schools and in Pakistan Science Club for the students and open participants.

  1. The schools included:
  2. SMB Fatima Jinnah govt. Girls School
  3. Khatoon-e-Pakistan govt. Girls School.
  4. The SET school.
  5. 2 workshops in the Scholars Academy.
  6. NJW School

Students of some other schools and open participants attended workshops held at Pakistan Science Club

Online live Q&A hangouts and workshop were also conducted for water rocket and its launcher making, discussion session with experts for an aerodynamically efficient water rocket was also conducted for the guidance of the participants

The water rocket challenge 2017 held at one of the most amazing location “Dream world resort”

A large number of students along with their friends, family and teachers participated and witnessed the competition from different schools. A total of 200 students participated in the competition in 65 teams. 62 teams participated in Maximum Range Competition while 3 teams from participated in Bull’s Eye Target Competition. Along with the participants, teachers and parents also attended the event as audience.

More than 300 students, 50 teachers and more than 200 family members of different students attended the event. 50 volunteers and organizers organized and managed the whole event.  A total of more than 800 people attended the event. The Participating institutes included:

  • SMB Fatima Jinnah
  • Khatoon-e-Pakistan
  • The SET school
  • The Scholars Academy
  • NJW School
  • Iqra Azmat-ul-Atfal
  • Karachi Grammar School
  • The Perfect School
  • AA tutors
  • Beacon House School
  • Gallant Foundation
  • KCD School

Many students participated as open participants as well in the competition.

Manzoor Hussain Soomro (President ECOSF) with Participant
Manzoor Hussain Soomro (President ECOSF) with Participant

Manzoor Hussain Soomro (President ECOSF), Col. Inayat Ullah Nadeem Butt (Executive Manger Dream World Resort) attended the Event as Chief Guest and Mehboob Alam (Teacher at SITT SUPARCO) witnessed the competition as Special Guest of the Event.

MB Fatima Jinnah Govt. Girls’ School stood 1st among all in range competition.

MB Fatima Jinnah Govt. Girls’ School stood 1st

Participants from different institutes competed against each other and after a very tough competition a group of students from SMB Fatima Jinnah Govt. Girls’ School stood 1st among all in range competition.

Groups from NJW and The Scholars Academy secured 2nd position while Khatoon-e-Pakistan and SMB Schools got 3rd position. 1st and 2nd position group were awarded with prize money as well. In category 18+, none of the rocket hit the zone so the closest one declared as winner and was awarded with cash prize.

Two teams from Iqra Azmat-ul-Atfal and Khatoon-e-Pakistan were awarded with the Special Award trophy

Chief guest, special guests and President PSC Abdul Rauf shared their views about the competition, encouraged the students and congratulated the winners.

The guests were awarded with honorary souvenirs from Team PSC. President PSC, Abdul Rauf presented the shields to the honorable guests. Cash prize and winning trophies were given to the students by the chief guest, special guest and President PSC

Team PSC is highly grateful for the generous sponsorship and cooperation of The Dream World Resort, ECOSF and PSF for this competition. It was a great honor and gratitude that such prestige organizations collaborated and joined hands for the positive change and promotion of science in our society through this worth learning, exciting and healthy activity. The contribution of the mentioned organization is not only a charitable contribution but without the support and assistance of them, it would not be possible for us to achieve our goals. Along with them PSC is highly thankful to IEEE, NAYS, Creationists, Do Science, Science Store, all the other personnel involving volunteers and security persons for their assistance.

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