Abdul Rauf going to demo Water Rocket in Lahore Science Mela

Pakistan Science Club Exhibited Projects in Lahore Science Mela.

Lahore science mela 2017 held at 28 & 29 of January 2017 at Ali Institute of Education by Lahore University of Management Sciences in collaboration with Khwarizmi Science Society. From all the projects of Science Mela, the concept was the same that science is for all. A large number of science stalls, more than 70 from all over Pakistan were displayed there, some of them were Khwarizmi Science society, WWF Pakistan, UET Lahore, IBA Sukkur community colleges, LUMS, ROBO Kids, Science Fuse, COMSATS, PCSIR and many other.

In between all of them Pakistan Science Club and Dawood Foundation stalls were highlighting from Industrial Karachi. Pakistan Science Club and Dawood Foundation jointly presented the Fun Science Demonstrations and exhibited research based projects there. TDF sponsored for all the activities and PSC on behalf of the Dawood Foundation exhibited the projects at Lahore Science Mela. More than 10,000 people attended the event.

Lahore Science Mela 2017 Photo Gallery

Students with their families visited the stalls and showed their great interest in all of the activities; especially the most fascinating one was the Water Rocket Launching. The awareness documentaries presented by TDF on importance of wild and forest was remarkable and appreciated by all. Two documentaries entitled as Margalla Hills National Park and Chitral Goals National Park was presented in Ali Institute Auditorium. The brief description of the activities and projects displayed at Lahore Science Mela are as under:

There were two stalls adjacent to each other for Pakistan Science Club and TDF. One was for fun science demonstration and the other was for project display. Fun science demonstrations included different activities related to basic science phenomenon. These are briefly described below:

Fun Science Demonstration

Smoke Ring

Kids enjoyed Smoke gun in action

They are also termed as vortex rings; it is an excellent demonstration to describe the Bernoulli principle which shows the relation between speed and pressure of the fluid. Visible circular rings are formed and travel in a straight line as they spin around their own axis creates a wonderful and worth seeing phenomenon for the audience.

Burst Balloon With Lemon Juice

Abdul Rauf demonstrate balloon and citric fruit reaction

It is one of the entertaining demonstrations that wonderfully explain the concept of acid, its sources, advantages and its disadvantages. How it react with other substances and what are its effects on them.

Water Rocket Launching

Abdul Rauf and Shahryar launching a water rocket

To make and launch a water rocket is an interesting and fun filled activity. Being a model, water and pressurized air will be used as fuel and it helps students to understand the effective use of pressure along with the significance of projectile motion and aerodynamic structures.

Tesla Coil Demonstration

President ECO Science Foundation visited PSC stall, Abdul rauf showing Tesla coil

To transmit electricity without any wire and see the glowing bulbs is one the most fascinating experience of students. Tesla coil is the project that focuses on the induction phenomenon and helps the students to learn about the concepts of electric and magnetic field, how they are related to each other and how are they produced.

 Among all demonstrations, water rocket was the most energetic, thrilling and interesting activity, not only for the students but for the parents as well. People from all age groups enjoyed it alike. 4 rockets were launched after every half hour and students along with their parents delight fully joined the launching and enjoyed a lot.

 Project Display

 Robotic Arm

 Robotic arm was a pre programmed automated robot. It is a small scale copy of an industrial robot which is put to task to perform a certain command infinite times.

 Mimic Bot

 it is another kind of industrial robot which is tasked to copy an action. It is widely used in medical facilities to perform function on very small and precise scale.


 It is a research based project providing emergency solution for lighting. It is not powered by any kind of battery, or external electrical power source. It works on electrolytic solution.

 Bluetooth Car

 This is wirelessly controlled 4x4 car which is controlled by Bluetooth. Its remote is an android mobile it includes microcontroller.

 2D Plotter

 It is a replicator of computer numeric controller CNC machine. It runs on machine language used by laser cutter, water jet cutter or industrial plotter.


 It is an electrochemical submarine whose bouncy control is managed chemically.

 Sun tracker

 The sun tracker is a device which is used to track the movement of sun.

 Dual Rotors Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

 A research based project which is actually an innovation for the efficiency of a vertical axis wind turbine.