Intel ISEF affiliated National Science Fair (Pakistan) 16-17 Participation Guidelines

Young scientists from all over the country try to win in district, provincial, and national competitions to qualify for a place at the Intel ISEF(Intel International Science and Engineering Fair) finals. Many young scientists of schools and collages might be interested in participating in the Intel Science Fairs in Pakistan. Students of classes 9 to 12 are eligible to participate with an original, innovative and creative idea. Only research based projects are qualified to apply for participation in the Intel Science Fairs. This article may help the students for participate in National Science Fair 2015-16


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Students of 9th – 12th Grade (under age of 20 years by May 1st, 2017)

Participation Process:

Registration forms along with Science Fair guidebook  can be download from this page.

Once registration form is received, fill in the details and send it to the relevant Intel Education Regional office with school seal and principal’s signature. Your project will only be registered when the Registration Form with project information is received by the relevant Intel Education Regional office. Participants are required to register at least three months before the fair.

  • Walk-ins will not be allowed to participate.
  • Participating student or team must submit a 250 word maximum, one page abstract (synopsis) which summarizes the research work done by student (s) and research plan to ISEF Coordinator, along with the Registration Form.
  • The participant will be contacted by the relevant regional ISEF coordinator in writing to inform whether the submitted project abstract has been accepted / approved or not by the committee of subject specialists.
  • Repetition of previous year’ project is not allowed and such projects will be disqualified.
  • Qualifying projects for the next stage, i.e, from provincial to national can again be scrutinized by the National Scientific Review Committee for selection before participation at National Science Fair.
  • Each student may enter only one project covering research done during a maximum of 12 continuous months not more than that.
  • Students can participate individually or as a team, a team can comprise of 2 or 3 members.
  • On the day of the fair students should bring abstract, project data book and research paper for Scientific Review Committee and the judges, marks are allocated for each section.
  • Only qualifying projects / students will be eligible to proceed to next round.
  • All students participating in the fair must adhere to rules as set forth in Science Fair guidebook. Science Fair Tentative Time Line Fairs Month Region Provincial Science Fairs October / November 2015 Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, KPK & Islamabad National Science Fair January 2016 Islamabad International ISEF May 2016 USA

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The Science and Technology fairs are one precious moment when the youth brings up her hidden talent to the lime light and stun the world with their creative solutions.

Success is what judges your patience with the failures, your commitment with the task, nerve racking hard work and finally your dedication. Presenting a research project in any Science and technology fair is a systematic scheme of work. Idea is the most essential part. Just roam around pick a global everyday issue and try to resolve it with a simple creative solution that brings up the perfect idea.

Abstract is the second step. It can simply be answered as the overview of the project. Development of a project is strictly based on the research work. Research work is the insight of your project that actually tweaks everything whether it is your prototype, presentation, research book of your project, cross questioning or display board of your project.

On The final Day, along prototype of your project the above stated essential components will be your key to success. Research book actually shows the back hand work that was actually the root for inception of your project. All hard work that you have done is actually shown there including features of the project, experimenting, observation, results, charts even limitation of your project including future modification and applications.

Display Board is the first thing that catches the sight of the jury and the visitors. Care must be taken while designing it. Standard Project board is 48” x 48”. Keep it simple, Proper font size. Use viewer friendly colour scheme. Include all things that you feel important for project and the things that you will refer during your presentation. Results, Graphical representation and Abstract must be shown on display board. Presentation is the next step.

A good presentation is the three step process. Why? How? And What? Why? States the problem statement that roots the inception of the project. How? States the features of the project, Innovations in the project and its difference with the other What? States the aspects of the projects, Effects in the real world.

Download PDF Guide Book and registration form Intel Science Fair



Send your Registration Form with Abstract to Intel Science Fair Coordinator at Office No.16, 3rd Floor, VIP Plaza, Sector I-8 Markaz, Islamabad. If you have any queries please email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.