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Maryam Javed

Maryam Javed

I'm a young amateur Science passionate

About Maryam Javed is young amateur Science passionate, student of F.Sc at APSACS, Fort Road, Rawalpindi . She has met 5 Nobel laureates and won the 2nd prize in Biology at ASC, Singapore.

  Reason for Joining:Reason to join PSC is to be a young researcher, joining in on events and work for science in Pakistan. I want to study medicine or dentistry and research because Muslims need education as their power is waning. We need to advance in science , we need to prove ourselves.

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Meeting and attending lectures of 5 Nobel laureates, some field medallists and eminent scientists. Getting cash prize and certificate by Ministry of edn, Singapore, lee foundation, National research foundation as I got 2nd prize in Biology.


Research was basic on sustainability and how to increase the life expectancy graph and control bacterial resistance for antibiotics.(posters attached)



Maryam Javed with Nobel Laureate Makoto Kobayashi