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Muzamil Hussain Memon

About Muzamil Hussain Memon: I would like to draw your attention to the facts that since school days I have been involved in various healthy activities organized in/by my alma mater. Alike others I have always been striving for better than the best,

consequently, secured “A1” and “A” grade in matriculation and intermediate respectively. I value life, relations and matters associated to both. I respect ideas and thoughts of my fellow students. I appreciate the talent of others as well. I have been attached to English literature and have tried to acquire acquaintance with the knowledge of English language from various aspects.  

Field of Interest:  My field of interests are Agriculture,Botany and Environmental Sciences

Reasons to join Pakistan Science Club: My dream is to culminate, intend to seek terminal degree, if not post doc at least Ph.D. wish to seek name and fame in the scientific world. Intend to conduct research and get it published for guidance to masses. Aspirant to be a member of the galaxy of scientists of today’s world. So I think PSC is the best platform for me to achieve my goals.