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Faizan ullah

About Faizan ullah: I am a young plant scientist working in the field of biofuel and agriculture. I have published 8 research papers in International journals, member of Pak Botanical Society, International Ethnobiological society, WWF Pakistan and public welfare library Qamer Killa Bannu.My aim is to inspire youth and move towards a better Pakistan. I am working as a volunteer for promotion of education in FATA etc.


Reason to Join Pakistan Science Club: I am really inspired by the founders of this club.I want to promote science among my juniors and inspire them for a better future and prosperous Pakistan.

Papers Submitted for Publication

  1. Faizan Ullah and Asghari Bano (2013) Effect of Flax seed meal and PGPR on growth of maize under drought stress. Plant Soil Environment.
  2. Faizan Ulalh, Asghari Bano, Lisa Dong, Jun Huang (2013) Current advances in catalysis towards sustainable biodiesel production. Fuel Processing Technology
  3. Pirzada Begum1, Amir Muhammad Khan1, and Faizan Ullah2, Ihetram Ullah1 (2013) Phytotoxic Effects of Thuja orientalis and Thevetia peruviana Crude Extracts on Germination of Wheat Seeds. Toxicology and Industrial Health.
  4. Faizan Ullah, Asghari Bano and Tariq Mehmood (2013) Effect of TiO2 nano particles on phytotoxic and antifungal activity of carthamin extracted from Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.). Polish Journal of Chemical Technology.
  5. Faizan Ullah and Asghari Bano (2013) Effect of Flaxseed meal and PGPR on growth of maize under drought stress. Communication in Soil Science and Plant Analysis.


Patents submitted/published

  1. A novel method for improving the drought tolerance of crop plants by Flax seed meal and PGPR. Patent application No. 345/2013. Rec. No. 3799
  2. Nanoparticles assisted natural dye from petals of Safflower for staining cloth fibers. Patent application No. 672/2013

 Scientific Articles Published in News papers and Magazines

1        Biodiesel situation in Pakistan (Technology Times Weekly)

2        Genetically Modified Organisms and Biosafety (Technology Times Weekly)

3        Biofertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture (Technology Times Weekly)

4        Phytoremediation: An Efficient Tool for Reclamation of Heavy Metals Contaminated Sites (Technology Times Weekly)

5        Sustainable biofuel production (Technology Times Weekly)

6        Threapeutical value of Aloe vera (Technology Times Weekly)

7        Cure with Fruits (Daily Mashriq Peshawar)

8        Biodiesel Commercialization in Pakistan (Sunday Times Islamabad)

9        Mushrooms (Daily Mashriq Peshawar)

10    Dates a complete diet (Daily Mashriq Peshawar)

11    Cure with Henna (Daily Mashriq Peshawar )

12    A fruit of heaven, Pomegranate (Daily Mashriq Peshawar)

13    Microbial fertilizers to combat soil salinity in Pakistan (Technology Times Weekly)

14    Rain water harvesting can mitigate water scarcity in Pakistan (Technology Times Weekly)

15    Climate change vulnerability index and position of Pakistan (Technology Times Weekly)

16    Trade of medicinal plants in Pakistan (Technology Times Weekly)

17    State of Floral Biodiversity and Conservation in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan (Technology Times Weekly)

18    Microbial fertilizers to reclaim saline soils in Pakistan (Technology Times Weekly)

19    Botanical pesticides for sustainable agriculture (Technology Times Weekly)

20    Plant based natural dyes resources of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (Technology Times Weekly)

Faizan ullah register member of Pakistan Science club Member ID (M-164) join in 10/3/2010