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Interactive fun Science and Hands-on Science Activity Peshawar

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Interactive fun Science and Hands-on Science Activity

Location (City/School): Khudadad Government Boys Middle School, Peshawar.

Date:   October 20, 2016                                      Timings: 10:30 am – 01:30 pm

The interesting and worth learning fun science and Hand-on Science activities were organized at Khudadad Government Boys Middle School, Peshawar. More than 250 students and teachers attended the fun science activity session that was carried out for an hour.

 This event comprises of three hours activities. After one hour fun science activity session, hands-on project i.e. Tall Tower was designed by the students of class 7th and 6th in the group of 5 (30 groups).

The fun science demonstration lasts for an hour, involved the students of grade 6th to 8th and addressed the basic science concepts of inertia, pressure difference, vacuum effect, breakage of polymer layer due to reaction of acid, center of gravity etc along with Tesla coil demonstration. The activities engaged students in such a manner that they participated in all the activities, asked questions and also tried to accept the challenges as well.

The hand-on project activity for making and testing Tall tower lasts 2 hours and helped students to learn the basic concepts of Civil engineering, construction methods and use of geometrical shapes in practical life.

Teacher Mohammad Tufail expressed her views on activity as:

 “Fun science challenges are very interesting for the students to learn about the concepts of science in a good way. The activities were very inspiring and worth learning, not only for the students but also for the teachers. Such activities should be done in every school to facilitate the interest of students towards science”.


A student expressed her views as follows:

 “The activities were very good; we made the tall tower from the straws and tested them with potato. It was very interesting to see that such a strong structure can be made by using very weak straws; it helps us to learn how buildings are constructed using geometrical shapes in their structures. Fun science activities were also worth learning, we learnt a lot about different things like air pressure, inertia and Tesla coil demonstration was also very amazing”.


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