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Fun science, Hand-on Science activities organized at Islamabad Model Girls College

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The interesting and worth learning fun science and Hand-on Science activities were  organized at Islamabad Model Girls College IMCG, f-6/2 Islamabad. More than 300 students  and teachers attended the fun science activity session that was carried out for an hour. The  Guests of the event were MNA Talal Chaudhary and Maliha Umer (Political Advocacy and  Communications Manager Transforming Education Pakistan - Alif Ailaan).

This event comprises of three hours activities. After one hour fun science activity session, hands-on project i.e. Air powered vehicle was designed by all the students of class 7th and 8th in the group of six (50 groups).

The fun science demonstration addressed the basic science concepts of inertia, pressure difference, vacuum effect, breakage of polymer layer due to reaction of acid, center of gravity etc along with Tesla coil demonstration. The activities engaged students in such a manner that they participated in all the activities, asked questions and also tried to accept the challenges as well.

The hand-on project activity for making and Air powered vehicle project helped students to learn the basic concepts of air pressure and its conversion to mechanical energy to drive a simple car.

Detailed Agenda of Event (Including List of activities):


The event comprises of three hours activities. An hour activity was organized under the heading fun science.

  1. Spinning eggs
  2. Water in upside down bottle
  3. Pin in the balloon
  4. To lift mirror with upside down glass
  5. Balancing stick
  6. To lift glass with Balloon
  7. Fun with inertia.
  8. Burst Balloon with lemon
  9. Balloon in the bottle
  10. Tesla coil demonstration

The two hours activity for hands-on science activity,

  1. Air powered Car

It is a worth learning project that enables students to learn about the concepts of mechanics and vehicle designing, how air pressure can be used in different mechanisms and how it can be converted into mechanical energy.

      Highlight of the Event:

 The member of National Assembly Talal Chaudhry expressed his views about the activity as:

 “It is very good initiative taken by Alif Aailan in collaboration with other societies to promote Science and Mathematics awareness across Pakistan through different hands-on STEM activities. These should be promoted and expanded on much higher level as we see in today’s modern age that the countries who have been developed in science and math are dominating the world now. To compete the world on the same level, our students much be educate in the same manner to enhance their level of thinking so that they would be able to do research in the different fields of science”.

MNA Talal Chaudhry

A student expressed her views as follows:

 We had enjoyed a lot in today’s activities, they all were very interesting and worth learning. Science should be taught in this way, it will be easier to understand and we will enjoy while learning. The Air powered car was also very amazing, we learnt how vehicles work, also we learnt about the air pressure by making it.

A student

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