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STEM Summer Camp 2019

STEM Summer Camp 2019 STEM Summer Camp 2019

Pakistan Science Club is here to Beat Boredom by organizing its 39th Summer Science Camp for kids and teens during Vacation starting from June 2019.

It’s an amazing opportunity for science enthusiasts and curious teens to have an incredible hands-on insight of various scientific concepts and principles from Biological investigations to robotic exploration.


  1. Exploration of scientific laws and their applications
  2. Robotics, concepts and implementation.
  3. Hands-on skills
  4. Fun Learning Science activities like:
    • Save the astronaut
    • Bristle Bot
  1. Competition
  2. Engineering design process
  3. Inventor Box for the individual camper.
  4. Scholarships for the deserving students


Comprises of three age groups Summer camp for kids and teens is designed for three age groups:

  1. Curious Scientists (Age 6 to 8 years)
  2. Young Inventors (Age 9 to 11 years)
  3. Robo Designers (Age 12 to 16 years)

Register online: paksc.org/camp

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