• We have been asked number of times.
    Who are we?
    What is Pakistan Science Club?
    What do we do there?
    What is the outcome of all this?
    Is this worth doing?

    Here we are.

    Dear Science Teachers, Coordinators and School Administrators. This is the platform with the name Pakistan Science Club. It shows our Three prongs strategy for the promotion of Scientific Culture in Pakistan. I would like you all to go through it and give feedback to us. We are approaching to 300,000 likes here on Facebook. We can coordinate with you people to assist you in anyway possible.

    For further details you can search us here on Facebook ( Pakistan Science Club) or visit our website www.paksc.org. You can also join our online science community on our website to share discuss and get help from science enthusiasts. Teachers, inventors and researchers. www.paksc.org/community