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Hands-on Gardening Workshop conducted by Pakistan Science Club and SABZA IN. Syed Wahab shah bukhari conducted this workshop.
  1.   05 October 2021
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Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences concerned with the study of planets, stars, galaxies & other celestial objects, and phenomena. From time immemorial the night sky has fascinated many cultures in the past including the Arabs, Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese & the Greeks and it continue
  1.   13 August 2021
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Pakistan Science Club successfully conducted 3 online winter maker camps, More than 100 families have participated. They made 8 projects that Feature various scientific phenomenon from engineering to chemistry, biology, and renewable energy. Solar water geyser,  Air heater,  Solar bug,  Elastic coa
  1.   09 January 2021
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Solar water geyser It's an exciting hands-on activity to learn about renewable and solar energy, the kids will learn how they can use sunlight to make an environment-friendly water geyser with no energy consumption. Topics learned What is renewable energy Solar energy and its uses Integration
  1.   13 November 2020
  2.   Online Camp 2020
Discover something exciting, educational, and fun learning during this year winter’s break, Pakistan Science Club offers an interactive hands-on science camp "Online Family Maker Camp batch 1" for young kids starting from end of the Feb featuring various scientific phenomenon from engineering to c
  1.   13 November 2020
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