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Workshop: Creativity and Innovation in STEM Education Pakistan Science club conducted Workshop: Creativity and Innovation in STEM Education with the collaboration of Lincoln corner and Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network {gallery}5dd579b5bf7fa{/gallery}
  1.   20 November 2019
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AI Family Challenge Season 2 photo gallery Kicked-off 1st session of @technovation families season 2 at NICKarachi The #AI Family Challenge is a #hands_on #artificial intelligence education competition. We are thankful to National Incubation Center, Karachi NICKarachi for facilitating.
  1.   20 November 2019
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Photos from school #makerspace class conducted at Alpha Core School Karachi Learn more about Pakistan Science Club Makerspace initiative https://www.paksc.org/makerspace     
  1.   20 November 2019
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Arbaaz Mahmood is a theoretical physicist working on quantum mechanics and general relativity from Khudian, Punjab. He is the youngest Pakistani to get a paper published in a scientific journal. His current interests are non-linear differential equations and string theory  Arbaaz is currently pursu
  1.   18 November 2019
  2.   Science Talent
AI WINTER CAMP 2019 ( Technovation Families | Artificial Intelligence Family Challenge)  Explore and acquire AI applications and projects with NO coding experience.It’s all about learning, play, and create with AI. With the support of educators, community leaders, and technology professionals, famil
  1.   09 September 2019
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