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DIY Homemade Aquaponics System This video about homemade aquaponics system this is part one of Pakistan science club project GoGreen. This video included basics of aquaponics system, construction of aquaponics from pvc pipe.
  1.   07 October 2018
  2.   DIY Projects
Hands-on Workshop on Astronomical Telescope | World Space Week 2018 A well-known branch of natural sciences that deals with the observation of celestial objects and their various phenomena. Telescope is one of the principal tools used in the field, the instrument typically addresses the field of op
  1.   22 September 2018
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Aim of Go green PSC The main objective of GoGreen PSC is initiative to create research culture on plants among youth. Objective: Promote research culture Specifically in Horticulture: i.e. Agriculture, Gardening, Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Roof top gardening, Vertical gardening etc. To build a
  1.   14 September 2018
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A science activity was organized on the occasion of #IndependenceDay for the students of GPS Korangi Pakistan Science Club.
  1.   18 August 2018
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Air powered rocket The main emphasis is on the understanding of a model rocket, its aerodynamic structure, concept of pressure, Pascal’s law and its application in energizing of the model rocket. The activity deciphers the fundamentals of projectile motion and the factors affecting on it.    Lear
  1.   24 July 2018
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