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Project # 2 DIY Projector With a cardboard box and a few simple steps, you can make a projector for the movies on your phone. If you’ve watched videos on a smartphone, then you know it can be tough to really enjoy the show on such a small screen.  For those who are strapped for cash and/or i
  1.   25 May 2020
  2.   Online Camp 2020
USB table fan Learn Online Workshop It is a capacity-building hands-on project along with fun, using household stuff and some modification, participants will learn to make a personalized low-cost USB fan to help them stay cool during summer. Topics learn • Conversion of energy into various forms•
  1.   25 May 2020
  2.   Workshops
Worm robot Online Workshop | School Maker Space  An exciting project to understand basic robotics, mechanics and electronics with fun. It will also help participants to learn about basic mechanical design and its significance. Topics learned • Fundamental of robotics• Concept of mechanics• Motor,
  1.   25 May 2020
  2.   Workshops
Astronomical Telescope The telescope is an interesting hands-on project that helps students to learn about lens and its working with daily life application. Topics Learned  Optics and its importance  Concept of lens, its types, working and applications Properties of light and its behaviour
  1.   18 May 2020
  2.   Online Camp 2020
During the current situation of self-isolation and global pandemic, Pakistan Science Club is determined to provide quality time to young ones and teens. Online Family STEM Summer Camp is an engaging, learning and healthy experience for not only students of different age group but parents will also e
  1.   13 May 2020
  2.   All Events
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