The little scientist group includes children of grades 1 to grade 4, (age 6 to 9 Year) the students will learn science with enjoyment. The day will be started with fun and science magic activities; little scientists will explore the science and logic behind them and discuss their views on it. Later on they will be guided to do hands on science activities regarding basic science as individuals, as teams to develop team working and leadership skills in them and in the end they will present and explain their project to the group mates that will help to build their presentation skills as well


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2017 STEM Summer vacation  Camp for Kid Scientist grade 1 to 4 Projects Outline

Introduction about Pakistan Science Club,  safety precautions, tool use

Fun science activities . (Science Magic)


  • Does fire need air to burning.
  • Spinning Eggs
  • Where is your center of gravity?
  • Sound rings.
  • Tornado in bottle.
  • What color is white
  • What does a prism do to light?

Friction and motion

  • CD hover craft
  • Wheels activity
  • Can car
  1. Sound and Vibrations

    • Vortex canon
    • Cow
    • Cup phone
    • Music instruments
  2. Light and Visions

    • Holographss
    • Periscope
    • Colors activity
  3. Energy

    • Wind mill
    • Fruit cell
    • catapult
  4. Shapes

    • Shapes strenght test
    • Shape shifter
    • Newspaper dom


CD Hover Craft

CD hover craft is an interesting activity in which children learns to recycle things, through this activity the learn about friction.

Fun Science Activities

It includes simple magical tricks and the scientific reasons and explanation behind these tricks.

Can Car

Can car making and its competition are quite popular in kids due to its ease and learning of different mechanical aspects in it.

DC Motor

DC motors are used in most of the toys, convert electrical energy into mechanical energy for the movement of toys. Children will learn how to make simple dc motor for their toys.

Fruit Cell

Certain fruits and vegetable such as lemon, orange, potato etc can produce small amount of electricity. It is an easy way to teach the kids about production of electricity and its characteristics.

Rubber Band Powered Car

The rubber band powered car construction and working helps the student to learn about the phenomenon of elasticity, elastic force and its applications in daily life.

Paper Glider

It is a simple and interesting technique to understand the aerodynamics and working of an aero plane.


Plane mirror and basic laws of reflection can be effectively taught to students with the help of making and understanding of a periscope which is used in underwater observations in submarine.

Color Mixing Disc

An interesting and simple color mixing disc project is used to understand the mixing and formation of new colors.

Wind Mill

This project is used to teach the conversion of wind energy into electrical energy with the help of a simple wind mill.


Catapult is a fascinating activity for the young kids to learn about ballistic and launching phenomenon with the help of simple Popsicle catapult.

Vibrating Cow

Vibrating cow activity is a fun science activity by using some simple techniques and a vibratory motor to create an amazing toy as well.

Vortex Cannon

Vortex cannon are an entertaining and learning based activity to learn the physics of air movement. The construction and working of cannon help the student to learn more about it.

Tall Tower

Tall tower activity is an interesting structural and designing based learning for students. Kids will have to design such a tower with the help of material provide that can hold weight of a tennis ball up to 2 minutes.


Electromagnet is an interesting activity for the kids to learn the concepts of dependence and generation of magnetic and electric fields on one another and how they are used in electrical appliances.



Build gadgets

Build a battery cell from fruit! Make a robot!  
Make fuel from waste. secret message with invisible ink Cook food using a solar cooker

Generate electricity from wind.


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