Engineers Exploration Camp Group Young Scientist Age 13 to 18

Engineering camp for Science Passionate students where students will learn to design things ranging from skateboards to rockets to robots! It is a forum where students will learn techniques and concepts of all phases of engineering to solve existing problems and preventing future disasters." A/O Level, FSc, 9th 10th Class Students can join Engineers Exploring Camp


 Course Outline..

Class Time 2:30 H/day

  • Introduction about Pakistan Science Club science + safety precautions, tool use.
  • Intro about wind, wind turbine competition (efficiency, design).
  • competition, Career Counseling, online Presentations.
  • Introduction to bridges, building bridge competition
  • building bridge competition final
  • intro of electronics + intro of basic components + bread board, soldering + light sensor circuit
  • Electromagnets, AC Generator building,
  • Mold and casting
  • Science field trip.



Wind Turbine:

Mainly we get electrical energy from thermal and hydraulic plants but due to the use of energy in large amount and scanty of resources. The energy we get from these plants is not enough. Now the solution is to use alternative energy and one of them is “wind”. In this camp we tell you that how to convert alternative energy into electrical energy.

Ac generator:

Now a days we all facing the great problem of electricity throughout the world especially in our country, so why you don’t make your own AC generator to solve the problem of load shedding. It is not so difficult but it’s very interesting that how you generate electricity by your own.


Are you facing the terrible problem of load shedding? To resolve this problem you use costly ups, generators. Now we are going to teach you that how can you build your own ups in a simple way.

Light sensor:

The wastage of energy is the worst problem of the world (especially in Pakistan). Like most of the people forget to switch off the electrical home appliances when its no need to use. Now we are going to teach you how build your own circuit which turning off automatically your electrical home appliance with the change of light.

Casting and molding:

Mold making and casting is always nearly a very challenging and interesting profession. Its need continue concentration, precision and accurate measurements. All the machines and mechanical parts are the best result of this profession, make your own desired molds and cast the shapes you want like professional mechanical engineer.


Building bridge competition:

Build beyond your imagination! Use surprising things to construct amazing creations. Discover which shapes make the strongest structures. Try your hand at building bridges, and have fun demolishing some of your structures as you learn how architects make buildings strong.

Hover craft:

Which vehicle you use for traveling..? Car,bike,plane, or ship?? Car for run, plane for fly and ship for voyage. Do you have any idea which thing can we use for traveling on these three purpose? This type of vehicle which haven’t wheel for run, haven’t wings to fly. We call it “HOVER CRAFT”. In this camp we will tell you how to make it.


   Final ceremony.



Gulshan-e-hali Korangi (Registration Open)

Pakistan Science club

SCIENCE EXPLORING CAMP 2 : Held in Gulshan-e-Iqbal


SCIENCE EXPLORING CAMP 3 :  (Registration Open)

DHA/Clifton Karachi


Registration is Open For Engineers Exploring Camp 2014  Age 13 to 18